Human Rights

The First Quarter, 2020

Prepared by the Iranian Kurdistan’s Human Right Center The First Quarter, 2020, Prepared by the Iranian Kurdistan’s Human Right Center Download File


Kurdistan is Self-Sufficient

By: Smail Sherefi From the earliest hours of the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in Iran and Kurdistan, it was clear that the  Islamic Republic of Iran is much more incompetent and incapable of protecting […]


A time for true solidarity

The unprecedented widespread transmission of the coronavirus throughout the world is threatening the lives and livelihoods of people in every country and from all walks of life. This underscores justhow inter-connected and inter-dependent the world […]


The political approaches against the Kurdish identity

By Hemin  Marvani Abstract: The paper uses a selective review of archaeological and written articles/sources to show Iranian government and security of position and ministry of culture and guidance don’t care about multi-culturalism and justification, […]