Amnesty International – Iran – Details released of 304 deaths during protests six months after security forces’ killing spree

Amnesty International has today published details from its ongoing investigation into the deaths which took place at the hands of Iran’s security forces between 15 and 19 November 2019, six months on from the nationwide protests.

The press release (attached and below) and briefing detail the deaths of 304 men, women and children killed by Iran’s security forces during last November’s ruthless crackdown. The organization found that more than 220 of the recorded deaths took place over just two days on 16 and 17 November. New and extensive research has again concluded that the security forces’ use of lethal force against the vast majority of those killed was unlawful.

The press release is available on the Amnesty International website at the following link:

The press release is also accompanied by a briefing document containing detailed information about the 304 victims including pictures, and a more detailed description of the methodology and findings. The briefing document is available in both English and Persian on the Amnesty International website at the following link:

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