An open letter to:

Dear audience:

Kurdistan Regional Government!

United Nations Representative in Kurdistan Region!

Council of countries in Kurdistan Region!

Global human rights organizations!


As you know, over the past few days, the Islamic Republic of Iran, under the pretext of the presence of Peshmarga forces on a part of the Iranian and Iraqi Kurdistan’s borders, has carried out heavy shelling and bombardment of these areas. Also the Iranian Kurdish refugees which are stationed in the Iraqi Kurdistan cities, have been threatened by commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.


As the trade unions and democratic organizations of Iranian Kurdish opposition that are engaged in our civic and organizational activities, most of our work centers and daily activities are under threat in the areas, so we express our concerns about any terrorist attacks by the Islamic Regime that it has been repeated several times in recent days by regime’s officials. Due to this, we must tell that women and children, innocent people, civil and political activists will fall victim to the regime’s greed and extremism. Therefore, we ask you to put pressure on this insurgent regime in any way possible, to protect the lives and properties of ordinary people and civil and political activists who have been forced to take refuge in this geography, and in the hope that another crime will not happen.

On the other hand, we, as Iranian kurdish trade unions and democratic organizations, have fully expressed our support for the statement of civil and political activists inside the country, and we believe that the Islamic Republic has attacked and bombed civilians in Iranian and Iraqi Kurdistan’s borders under the pretext of military presence that causes directly intended to harm the Kurdish people, destroy Kurdistan’s natural and rich environment and to shift the focus from the critical internal challenges the regime is currently facing.

We believe that the solution of the Kurdish nation will not be tackled through assassination, execution, shelling, military attacks, and threats; acknowledging the demands of this nation and guaranteeing its legitimate, legal, and natural rights is the only solution that can be achieved through it.


On behalf of:

Representative of the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Center

The Centre of Child Protection of Eastern Kurdistan

Defence af political prisoners in Iran s kurdistan

Democratic Youth Union of East Kurdistan

Kurdistan Democratic Women’s Union

National Union of Kurdish Students

28th September 2021