8th Septembre 2018

Iran’s Callous, Deadly Message The regime launched a missile strike against innocent Iraqi Kurds in order to make a point to America.

By: Eli Lake When a regional power wants to assert itself and intimidate its rivals, it has several options: Stage a military exercise, test a missile, maybe even have a high-ranking general deliver a threatening speech. […]


You will always be remembered

By : Mouloud Swara  On July 13th, it’s 28 years since Dr. Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou, the most famous leader of Eastern Kurdistan and the general secretary of KDP was assassinated. After participating in Socialist International’s congress […]


How the US stood with Syria’s Kurds?

BY: Mahmut Bozarslan  DIYARBAKIR, Turkey — Developments in northern Syria, which has a large Kurdish population, have long been on Turkey’s agenda. Turkey considers the growing power of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the […]



By: Eliana Katherine Gómez Mejía  On March 8, as is well known, International Women’s Day is commemorated as a recognition of the struggle for the rights of women, who have historically claimed equality in rights […]