Human Rights

Five-Day International People’s Tribunal Heard Witness Testimonies of Use of Force and Torture, Invites Hundreds More to Testify

The Iran Atrocities Tribunal, also known as the Aban Tribunal, has adjourned after five days of heart wrenching testimonies told to the world by dozens of eyewitnesses, some speaking for the first time. Over 30 […]


An open letter to:

Dear audience: Kurdistan Regional Government! United Nations Representative in Kurdistan Region! Council of countries in Kurdistan Region! Global human rights organizations!   As you know, over the past few days, the Islamic Republic of Iran, […]


Statement on Iranian Threats by the Cooperation Centre of Iranian Kurdistan’s Political Parties

Iran’s terrorist Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have issued threats to carry out military operations against bases of Kurdish political parties from eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan. It is well-known that these bases that the Iranian regime […]