Clarification regarding the re-arrest and execution of Mostafa Salimi

As you all know, Mostafa Salimi who previously was convicted to death on charges connected to anti governmental activities and membership of a Kurdish dissident party, after 17 years imprisonment was executed on April 11.

Following Corona virus pandemic, and after Saqqez prison authorities rejected Mostafa Salimi’s request to be freed temporarily, he and a dozen of other prisoners escaped from the prison. After that some of the prisoners were apprehended in different ways or were handed over to the regime’s security authorities. It is said that Mostafa Salimi who succeeded to reach the Iraqi border in KRG areas, has been arrested and handed over to Iranian authorities.

Regarding this event:

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran) condemns this political prisoner’s extradition and  regards the KRG authorities’ decision to appoint a committee to investigate this event as a lawful and responsible measure.

KDP-Iran is hopeful that KRG’s and this particular committee’s investigation would be fruitful and the findings about this event would be notified to the public.

Undoubtedly, this event and its consequences in the recent days shouldn’t make us forget that the fundamental reason behind this event and the chief culprit of that is the Islamic Republic of Iran, which uses every opportunity to strike the Kurdish political movement. A regime that does not have any legitimacy from the Kurdish people’s point of view and this includes all the judiciary system’s verdicts, hence we urge everyone to be concerned about the harmony within the Kurdish community and the national unity. At the same time, once again we hail the KRG’s decision to appoint a truth commission and we expect that people’s legitimate questions and concerns in this regard in all parts of Kurdistan are not left unaddressed.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)


 April 12, 2020