Coinciding with the 40th day commemoration of September 8th martyrs, the East Kurdistan parliamentary friendship group was established in the UK parliament

 On Wednesday October 17th in the House of Commons a meeting was held to establish the parliamentary friendship group for East (Iranian), North (Turkish) and West (Syrian) Kurdistan.

The meeting started with a speech by Mr. Lloyd Russell-Moyle, member of parliament, in which he presented a short recap about the parliamentary friendship group for South (Iraqi) Kurdistan and suggested that either to widen the group to include the other parts of Kurdistan or establish separate groups for each part and the members of each group should consist of British parliament members depending on their interest and expertise. After sufficient discussion and assessment of the matter, it was decided to establish a parliamentary friendship group for each part of Kurdistan.

The parliament members who were participating in the meeting were:

  1. Mr. Lloyd Russell-Moyle
  2. Mrs. Kate Osamor
  3. Mr. Chris Williamson
  4. Mr. Sandy Martin
  5. Mr. Chris Stephens
  6. Lord Maurice Glasman
  7. Lord Hylton

It is worth mentioning that several other parliament members have expressed their interest in joining these groups whose names were announced during the meeting. It was decided to consult other MPs to join the groups according to their interest and expertise and after the due procedure, three parliamentary friendship groups for East-, North- and West Kurdistan will officially start their work. But at this meeting Mr. Sandy Martin was elected as chairman for East Kurdistan friendship group, Mrs. Kate Osamor as chairman for North Kurdistan friendship group and Mr. Lloyd Russell-Moyle as chairman for West Kurdistan friendship group were selected and Mr. Ibrahim Dogus was elected unanimously as secretary of the groups.

Apart from Mr. Mouloud Swara, the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Iran representative, there were representatives for some Nort- and West Kurdistan parties present at the meeting.

It must be said that KDP-Iran has worked for many years to convince British parliamentarians to establish friendship groups for other parts of Kurdistan, especially East Kurdistan like the parliamentary friendship group for South Kurdistan which has been established for many years ago. On Thursday September 13th , the KDP-Iran’s representative in Great Britain, Mr. Mouloud Swara met the members of the parliamentary friendship group for South Kurdistan and during the meeting he brought the issue of establishing a similar group for East Kurdistan and at the same time he pointed out that during the missile attack on KDP-Iran’s headquarters on September 8th which resulted in 14 people were killed and 40 others were injured, the lack of a parliamentary friendship group for East Kurdistan was a huge problem and the  necessity of such a group is undeniable.  During that meeting it was mentioned that creating a friendship group for East Kurdistan was part of the agenda but the process would speed up.

KDP-Iran’s representation in Great Britain