Women on the move

Gender perspective of migration flows and geopolitical responses” was the title of a regional meeting in Brussels, Belgium as a joint work by The Party of European Socialists (PES) and Socialist International Women (SIW) which was held in European Parliament on October 25-26th, 2018.

Zita Gurmai PES women President and FEPS vice President and Ouafa Hajji President of Socialist International Women opened the meeting emphasizing on the importance and necessity of having a clear understanding of the broader experiences of migrant women for the policy makers. Migration studies have always focused on the financial aspect of migration. Now it is time to focus on social contributions through migration. Looking at factual, conceptual and on-the-ground knowledge about the reality of the gender dimension of the migration phenomena.

In the first panel Giorgia Trasciani from FEPS Young Academic, Houda Ben Hamouda from Stanford program in Paris, Yasemin Bekyol from Friedrich-Alexander University, Germany and Maari Põim, Gender expert from Estonia presented results from their researches regarding Gender and Migration.

In the Second Panel under the title of “Women who leave” Pia Locatelli honorary President of SIW talked about the reasons of migration, Lama Jaghjougha from Syria who migrated to Belgium 3 years ago talked about her own experiences. Golaleh Sharafkandi as representative of Kurdistan Democratic Women Union (KDP-Iran) pointed out the compromises that the International community carry out confronting Iranian authorities, neglecting human rights violations, legalized violence against women, suppression of the ethnic minorities and political activists. Kurdish nation as the largest nation in the world not having its own state, due to lack of international support for Kurdish case. The silence of the international community with regard to Iranian regime’s interference in neighboring countries and the story of Kurdish Political refugees in various countries were some points she emphasized.

The story of Soheila Qaderi President of Kurdistan democratic Women Union (KDP-Iran) who was killed in a missile attack by Iranian regime to KDP headquarter in Iraqi Kurdistan on September 8th, 2018 was the main part of her topic to highlight the story of a Kurdish female political activist who had to leave Iran when her father was an activist and came to a camp in Iraqi Kurdistan when she was very young, she lived her whole life in a camp in Iraqi Kurdistan struggling for freedom, human rights and democracy and now it is the international communities responsibility to safeguard the safety of all refugees in all camps all over the world including in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Third panel focused on “Women on the road” and their problems with the participation of Marie Arena, MEP PS Belgium, Salwa Hdaib from FATAH, Palestine, Fatima Doubou from National Assembly of Niger.

In 4th panel the topic was “Women who arrive”, the question to be answered was how do European countries host migrants and refugee women and what can be done to help those women who arrive to find a job and get settled. In this panel Coralie Vos, gender expert, Sara Picchi, from Italy Anna Zobnina, European Network of Migrant Women, Russia and Hilal Dokuzcan, SIW Vice-President, CHP Women, Turkey talked.

Finally, Conny Reuters, Secretary General SOLIDAR and Aissata Tall Sall, MP and former Minister, Senegal presented a concluding remark.

Some main points were the necessity od solidarity, the importance of accepting the phenomena of migration as an undeniable part of new societies, being able to provide/define channels for migration and being able to safeguard refugee camps and facilitate the process of receiving women migrants in the host Socialist.