“Do you intimidate us of beheading”?

By: Shahen Bayazidpur


Why the story of “Democrat’s Headquarter” has been the main topic of the day these days?


Where is the “Democrat Headquarter”?


What was the news in KDP-I headquarter that encouraged Islamic Republic of Iran who has the intention of governing the whole Islamic world attacked with missiles to this headquarter?

These are questions which have occupied the minds of thousands of Iranians.

The “Democrat headquarter” is the same as the Headquarters of Kurdistan Democratic Party’ political bureau Office which is located at the suburban Koyeh City, in Erbil Province and Kurdistan Regin -Iraq (southern Kurdistan).

Democrat Party of Kurdistan that has been active for 74 years in the field of freedom, equality and right of self determination of Kurdish People in Iranian Kurdistan (East of Kurdistan) has utilized from all means of civic and peaceful struggles to reach its fundamental and national rights.

The extraordinary proof for this claim is that two of our Party’s prominent leaders Dr. Ghassemlou and Dr. Sharafkandi lost their lives while they were negotiating around the table and the other was in dialogue with the opposition of the Islamic Republic of Iran. But the democrat headquarter is the place where the political and civic branches of the party including the political bureau, party commissions, news organizations, library, civic sections such as women’s unions, centre for defense of the children, youth organizations and National Kurdish Student Organization have been located.

People who spend their daily lives in those branches are freedom fighters who have dedicated their life to their country and continues their struggle for freedom of their people.

What was going on September 8th?

The Central Committee meeting which takes place every three months to review the party’s activities during that time and plan for next three months, is being attended to review Kurdistan’s daily situation. And generally, the Wolds politics is being analyzed in this meeting.

Martyr Soheila Ghaderi spoke of the Kurdistan women’s conditions and their pain and sufferings and encouraged the party to empower and improve women participation in politics.


In the second floor the Women’s Union has had the meeting and the women were active talking about their situation. Also, in other part of the building Party’s Youth Union was talking about their daily activities but in the yard of the headquarter children were actively playing and enjoying their lives regardless of their parent’s busy life.

At 10.44 Erbil time the Democrat Headquarter was the target of missiles. The explosion horror and destruction had been mixed with children and women’s terrifying voices. For a short time that the bombardment continued, from sky only death, rocks, broken glasses and horror were coming. The roofs and walls were collapsing and everywhere was covered with smoke and dust. Because of this inhuman attack of the Revolutionary Guards of Iran, 14 of Kurdistan best friends were martyred and more that 40 were injured. It took a few hours to rescue the women and children from under the rubbles.

Yes, this was the story of Democrat Headquarter on September 08, 2018

But a few words with Commander Jafari, who accepted the responsibility of this inhuman attack. He shamelessly uttered that it was a successful attack and added that it was a retaliatory attack in response to an unknown attack took place on July 21/2018 against one of Regime’s military base in Marivan.

Attention Mr. Jafari and Bagheri, commanders of Revolutionary Guards:

Of course, we, Kurdistan Democrat Party, are honored to know that the happiness and joyfulness of our kids and daily talks of our women and discussions of our youth as well as assembly of our Party leaders in Democrat Headquarter is threatening you and your corrupt government but what is your definition from National Security which 40 years you have been talking of. And you have been killing and executing the young people because of that security and also torturing thousands of people in the prisons. You are shooting ruthlessly innocent “Koolbars” (porters) and environmentalists with severity and animosity. The question is, when you claim that you have the capacity to govern the Islamic world and you have created bloodshed and destruction in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and throughout the Middle East with the pretext of defending their rights, and have destroyed the lives of millions of innocent people , what security and which nation are you talking about?

Iranian Nation? You, who are leading the Mafia of substance and narcotics, women’s – children sex trafficking in Iran, not only you are looting the resources like petroleum, gas and national wealth of Iranian people,  you are also plundering people’s savings from the banks in order to support your children’s luxurious lives in Europe, USA, while creating Chaos and crisis in the Middle East?

You are the regime of terror and suppression killing ruthlessly the people who are coming to streets to protest against you and whenever they become silent you have planned and implemented internally and internationally terroristic scenarios to justify your suppression and create fear and terror among people.

But regarding Daesh (ISS) scenario to attack the Parliament and Khomeini’s tomb , we notify that “ Kurdistan Democrat Party”  had informed you of  RGC’s military training of a group who claimed to be members of Daesh by Revolutionary Guards in Kurdistan Uramanat section or this year’s July 21 an unknown group’s attack which resulted in death of 11 Revolutionary Guards death in Marivan of which the attackers have not been identified, But PEJAK accepted the responsibility. It worth pointing out that Mr. Jafari justified the missile attack to the “Democrat Headquarter” in response to the said attack and is proud that all missiles hit their targets.

Mr. Jafari: among the people you killed, are innocent human beings who happened to be teachers and mothers!

Martyr Nasrin Haddad, whom is known as Mamosta Nasrin has chosen the educational front since she joined Democrat Party and has been busy teaching literacy and Kurdish language to Kurdish children, their mother tongue.  Her only weapon to fight your brutal and bloody regime was her pen and her discourse.

Martyr Soheila Ghaderi was women’s rights activist and she was busy working with the KDP-I’s Women Union and her kind and everlasting figure in our (Kurd Channel) will live forever in Kurdish people memories.

The missiles which you launched carefully hit the children and women who have never been in any kind of armed confrontation with you.

Now you have to respond to this question which has been asked by all reasonable Iranian minds that why you have not retaliated against 200 Israeli missile attacks against your targets in Syria and destruction of your military positions in Basra and Iraq? Why have you not used your missile capabilities against these attacks and take victimized position in regard to terroristic attacks against the military parade held in Ahvaz.

Mr. Commander Jafari,

Your missiles not only did not hit the intended target which was destruction of Kurdistan Democrat Party, but they missed the targets and left shameful impact on your criminal regime. This attack was like a last shot at your corrupt dying regime. Because the general support and sanctuary of Kurdistan people on September 12th, indicated that the Democrat Headquarter is located not only in Kovisanjegh Kurdistan of Iraq but also in the heart and center of Iranian Kurdistan. Your missiles although martyred some of our best friends and injured many more, but your heinous crime made us stronger and resolute to strengthen our struggle till the freedom of Kurdistan.

Translated by: Mohamad Khademyani