Five Kurdish Kolbars shot dead and injured at the borders of Kurdistan

KDP-Press: On Tuesday morning, June 16, Turkish border guards opened fire on a group of Kolbars at the heights border of the ”Qashqoul” village of Salmas, as a result, one Kolbar killed another one seriously injured.

Turkish border guards shot dead ”Orahan Gorwar” and seriously injured ”Saeid Gorwar”.

Also, on Monday, June 15, a Kurdish Kolbar named ”Rasoul Hassanzadeh” was severely wounded by direct fire of the Iranian Revolutionary guards on the ”Dolatou” border in Sardasht. The Kolbar has been taken to Sardasht Medical Center for medical treatment.

However, on the same day, another Kolbar, ”Hadi Rasti” from Baneh, was wounded at the ”Kanisew” border by the Iranian armed forces and has been taken to medical centres.
Doctors said the Kolbar’s health is serious.

On the other hand, on Sunday, June 14, a Kurdish Kolbar named “Qabil Marjani Rad” from the village of Eleyeh in the Silvana district lost his leg while working (Kolbari) due to a landmine explosion.