Greetings from Mr Luis Ayala Secretary General of the Socialist International

14 August 2020
Khalid Azizi
Secretary General of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)
Dear Secretary General, dear comrades of the KDP,
I am pleased to send you warm fraternal greetings from the Socialist International
as you mark the historical date 75 years ago that brought together those who gave
birth to a common political platform for the Kurdish people. In the collective
memory, the founders, along with those whose lives were taken later such as Abdul
Rahman Ghassemlou and Sadek Sharafkandi who participated in the work of our
International, are with us today. The ideals, values and principles shared by them
and by the Kurdish people of today, live among you. The sacrifices of yesterday and
your struggle of today are part of the shared global agenda for a world in peace,
with people in freedom, enjoying their rights, and living in democracy that our
International aims for. May your continued work bring success.
Luis Ayala
Secretary General