His Excellency Sebastian Kurz, Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria

The terrorist act yesterday evening in the Austrian capital, in which some Austrian citizens killed and injured, was a tragic and saddening event.
Kurdistan Democratic Party – Iran is itself a victim of Islamic Republic of Iran’s terrorism and on July 13, 1989, our former leader Dr. Abdul Rahman Ghasemlou, in an Islamic Republic of Iran’s state sponsored terror act was assassinated, hence we know well how it feels to be victim of a terror act. While we extend our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and wishing a speedy recovery for those injured, we express our sympathy and solidarity with the Austrian people. At the same time, we hope the international community and especially the democratic nations do not bow for terrorism.
Your Excellency!
As our Party’s central committee, in a letter in 1989 to the former Austrian Chancellor, Franz Vranitzky, appealed for justice, once again and at a time when Austria has been attacked by terrorists, we urge your Excellency to personally act so the Austrian judiciary system re-activates the Dr. Ghasemlou’s case and publishes the result of the investigation regarding this terror act and points out the perpetrators and masterminds behind that heinous crime to the international public opinion and once and for all puts an end to the supporters of peace, freedom and justice’s long waiting.
Khalid Azizi
Secretary General, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP.IRAN)
November 3, 2020