Ideological conflicts, impending collapse of the Islamic Republic

By: Pejman Ghobadi

The news of the publication of an insulting and misleading letter is published in the tune of Mohammad Yazdi, the secretary of the regime’s community of teachers, addressed to Shobeiri Zanjani, an imam of Shiite Islam.

Yazdi has spoken about Shobeiri’s meeting with the Problematic people in a part of his letter , and he has been known as the descendants of the Shi’a-iql authorities.

Shobeiri Zanjani had a meeting with a handful of pro-reform leaders and political figures, including former regimes president, Mohammad Khatami.

Yazdi called for “Khatami”, “Mousavi Khoinini”, “Abdollah Noori” and “Gholamhossein Karbaschi”, who were in attendance with this imitation of the regime, “problematic people” who, according to him, “do not respect the regime of the Islamic Republic and the Supreme Leader.”

The Chairman of the Society of Seminary Teachers accused Shobeiri Zanjani of not respecting the status of authority, and wrote to him in a tune of commandingly “I would like to remind you that Your high position and status relies on having respect for the Islamic establishment, its leader and the dignity of the position of the [Shi’ites] source of emulation,” Yazdi has reiterated, warning, “Therefore, you should necessarily respect the position and the requirements of a source of emulation; and take relevant measures to avoid such incidents (receiving “troublesome” political figures).

According to the Jamaran News Agency, Mohammad Andalib Hamedani resigned on October 28, in response to Yazdi’s letter to the Assembly of Teachers.

Ali Motahari, the vice chairman of the parliament, in a letter released by ISNA news agency on October 28, criticized the problematic reading of Khatami and his associates to Yazdi: The “problematic” of those who, in 2018, under the title of the Supreme Leader supporting a particular candidate, removed the election from the natural state and did not recognize the protesters’ right to protest and called them “overthrowing”, and that which should not be.

Motahari’s reference to the disputed presidential election in 2009, in which people like Yazdi supported Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and nominated him as a “regime-sponsored candidate”.

Critics believe that announcing Ahmadinejad’s victory in the 2009 election was the result of an “electoral coup.”

Motahari, the vice chairman of the parliament, wrote in another part of his speech: “Do people have to visit this and that with your permission?”

The outcome of all these conflicts over the letter with this ideological element of regime, which considers its survival as a sycophancy for the religious court and the Islamic jurisprudent’s system, reflects the fact that even in the ideological centre of the Islamic Republic, which are domains of imitation, this it is clearly understood that Khamenei’s religious monarchy and its circles have become more and more disgusting and intolerable.

The fact that Yazdi addressed to Zanjani is completely correct, and whatever this congregation of hanger-on have got, such as this system, is the deceitful people who put the religious beliefs of the people and misuse it in their favour. There is no doubt that in the event of passage from Iran under the rule of a dictatorial and reactionary corrupt regime there will be no place for the likeness of such government clerics( the mullah ) among the Iranian people in the future.

But it is noteworthy that even in the ideological centre of the regime, that is among the clerics living in Qom and Najaf, either  the government or the clergy who are outside the regime’s policies and practices, the policies of the Islamic Republic have been defeated to the whole.

From those like Shobeiri, to the top and wise, who grew up on a journey of the same system, have come to the conclusion that the era of dictatorial rule in Islam has come to an end, and people no longer disregard this type of government.

Basically, the needs of today’s Iranian society are two classes:

Class one is bread, it means social security and livelihood, and the other is freedom. The first is due to the looting and excessive greed of regime leaders in plundering the country’s capital so much that poverty has become increasingly widespread and many people in difficult circumstances putting life to jail and are now severely abused and violated at all levels, and even the slightest freedom of expression is not possible in Iran under the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but on the approach The theory of political Islam resembles the type of belief that pursues the people in the absolute power of Islam and covers all aspects of the life of people from every corner of the world and on the other hand, and on the other, it is blind and failed, and the return of the wise men of every way It’s possible that even with the killing of the innocent people, they can still be united with each other.

Translated by: Kayvan Rassooli