Iran and the impose of United States sanctions

By: Kamal Karimi

It has been six months since the United States announced withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), agreement which was implemented to ensure the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program. During last six months the president of The US has always warned the Islamic Republic, of re-imposing those sanctions which were lifted by Obama administrations if his conditions were not met. Eventually, on 4th November 2018 all those sanctions which have been imposed previously by the US congress and senate are reactivated. Islamic republic leaders have tried to increase their dark force boldly without considering political ethics against international law, since then they have found themselves against Trump administration’s firm decision which seems that they want to put a restriction on the Islamic Republic of Iran leader’s policy. Instead of thinking about people’s welfare and resolving the issues, they found themselves within the cycle of conflicts and competing interests of Europe, Russia and China with the United States, and started an unbalanced and unnecessary dispute with that country, which during the last months has resulted in many big European and Asian companies withdrawing their contracts in different businesses. This proved regime’s non-successful policy that causes more damage to Iranian people’s life and their future which was clear in advance. In addition to that Iranian regional stand is compromised day by day due to its warmongering nature, even their closest allies also leaving them in this issue.
Although it is no longer only the issue of the nuclear program that addressed by the US, but terrorism, Iranian intervention in other regional countries, supporting terrorist groups, war crimes, human rights etc. are parts of an extensive case that the Trump administration is dealing with and if they are not resolved for each of them there will be new punishment.
According to the Trump administration’s decision that targeted oil industry, bank and finance sectors, the Islamic Republic will not be able to do any bank deal and oil export which will harms the Iranian economy greatly and will devastate the country’s economy completely. This is happening the inflation rate is high and the currency has lost its value, which is the short-term effect of American pressure, these started clearly a few months ago and if continues it can put the Iranian people’s life in a real danger. The Islamic Republic’s leaders who until now are talking haughty about unsuccessful American policy, denying the Iranian people the truth, repeating the tiresome slogans chanted for many years, claiming that they will pass the sanctions difficulties and they will defeat American, trying to hide their helplessness. They know very well that being in such a situation can damage people and the country’s future. However it is obvious that their only priority is to protect their black power and to do so, it does not matter what will happen to the people’s life.
Islamic republic always talked about their aim to stop the effect of American actions against them, but the new sanction announcement has ended any expectations that America may change their policy in regard to international or European allies’ request or pressure. The Islamic republic authority’s deception also will be ended which prevents them not to cheat Iranian people with hopeful promises and even not to hold their cheated arm forces on foot. Islamic republic leaders are always trying to maximize external issues which was originally created by themselves and to keep people’s attention toward those issues more frequently and to prevent them from fundamental issues that requires different demands such as political, social, cultural, and economical which related to people’s life. What they expect to get from this method is to show that they are innocent under what they are pronouncing as foreign confrontation believing that the country is under attack, getting away from responsibility about internal issues that they created themselves and to accuse internal activists accusing them being in collusion with foreign powers and to explain that the external issues are the cause of country’s collapse and worsening welfare.

Now there is no doubt that Iranian people in general have understood the deceitful nature of the Islamic republic regime and if there were some people expecting that resolving external issues would resolve the domestic problems, should by now have discovered that it is the Islamic Republic which has blocked every ways that may be the possible solution to their problems. Therefore, stay awaiting not only will help their future but it could be an opportunity for the regime’s leaders to deal with the situation in their favor without considering people’s life and the country to extend their power and maintain a regime which is weak and it has no future.

Hence, it is important to expand people’s lawful protests to show that they are not a part of sanctioned mafia regimes foundations and through their organisation and demonstrations they can cause pressure and to force the regime to retreat and take their destiny in their own hands.

Translated by:
K. Modaresi & A. Modaresi