Iran: Over 800 Kurdish Porters Killed, Injured in Five Years

ERBIL – More than 800 Iranian Kurdish porters have been killed or injured by the country’s border guards in the past five years, a monitor revealed on Saturday.

Hengaw Organisation for Human Rights said in a report that a total of 834 Kurdish porters, better known as Kolbers, were killed or wounded since the beginning of the year 2016.

At least 49 porters were killed and 47 others were injured in 2016, the monitor said, adding that 78 more Kolbers were left killed and 148 others suffered from injuries in the following year.

The Iranian border guards also killed another 71 porters and wounded 160 others in 2018, the human rights group continued.

As for the year 2019, a total of 76 Kolbers were killed and 176 more were left injured by the neighboring country’s forces.

“They also killed four porters and wounded 25 others this year,” Hengaw concluded.

Source: Bas News