Iranian Continuous Political Terror internally and Internationally

By: Qader Wrya

“Mysterious Murder” and Political Terror are twins of Islamic Republic mafia power.

Two recent incidents have brought attention back toward Islamic Republic of Iran Political assassination conduct against the oppositions and dissidents, suspicious murder of Dr. Farshid Hakki (legal expert, economist and scientific advisor of the Economic Reviews), internally and an assassination plot of Iranian Arab opposition (an exiled leader of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz [ASMLA]) on Denmark soil. None of those events are unique based on Islamic Republics reputation even in the period of these events’, in another word during last two years inside the country, tens of dissatisfied political and civilian activists, and Islamic Republic oppositions have been murdered mysteriously. In parallel, some Iranian dissidents also have been targeted due to regimes assassination plots by their owned murderer, which lead to arrest some of the agents who have participated in the terror plan.

After arrests of few activists and organisers of public protests during last year winter, November/December 2018, they have been killed under torture. Regime’s related authorities have boldly announced that they have committed suicide! A young activist from Ilam, member of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDP), Talib Basatiwand was one of them. On January/February 2018, Dr Sayed kawos emami University professor and environmentalist died in custody in mysterious circumstances which declared a suicide in detention. However, none of those are mysterious murder because without a doubt everyone knows that were carried out by Iranian torturers. The use of term ‘mysterious murder’ is because those who are killed are social activists and dissidents of the regime in a suspicious circumstance. On 18 February 2018, a flight which was carring some famous environmentalists have crashed into Dena mountain and all passengers have died. Dr. Ahmad Nazari, scientist and environmentalist researcher, Gholam ali Ahmadi, PHD student of education philosophy who is Behbahan Islamic Azad University professor, the author of ‘planning to exchange the behaviour of environmental protection’ article, Salman Sharif Azari environmentalist investigator, Mahdi Jawidpoor, journalist and environmentalist, Hamed Amiri agricultural engineer and environmental technology researcher, Sayed Behzad Syadati, Geology expert, Ardashir Rad, agricultural and natural sources engineer, Mustafa Razaee, agricultural and natural sources expert, Ali Zareh, agricultural and natural sources researcher, Mohamad Fahimi, Ali Farzaneh, Sayed Reza Fatemitalab, Ahmad Charmiyan, Khalil Ahangaran, Mozhgan Nazari, Behnam Barzegar, are  among the victims of the plane crashes, (1).

On late February 2018, two environmentalist activists Mohamad Sadegh and Mohamad Bagher Yousefi in Jamm city, Bushehr province in a car collision were died. In June/ July 2018, also dead body of Maryam Faraji a social activist and University student in international management who has been detained in regard to last winter demos in Karaj was found, (2).

Currently, significant number of well-known activists in relation to demos and civil protests, e.g teachers, truck drivers, students, different independent associations, environmentalists, solicitors and human right defenders are detained that some of them likely will be assassinated under suicide term and other suspicious murders. One of the last example of regimes method to eliminate and hide internal dissidents and activists was the arrest of Hashem Khastar on October this year, one of the leaders and teachers protest organiser which was detained in Mashhad mad house. Surprisingly, after suspicious murder of Dr. Farshid Hakki, the regimes authorities have threatened those who have significant roles in internal protest movement that they will not be arrested only, but the activists must expect even worse destiny.

There are reasons behind, why these deaths are account as suspicious murders and why regimes aggressor authorities have been accused. First of all, because of their earlier role in murder and elimination of dissidents and oppositions by the Islamic Republic Ministry of Intelligence, The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and other different mafia power institutes. Twenty years ago, when society underlying anger and Iranian people liberation movement have merged with governments different wings, an opportunity has raised to establish clarification to uncover secrets of  Ministry of Intelligence in eliminating political characters, and cultural activists inside the country those who have different belief that known as “Chain Killing”, for instance each of  Dariush and Parvaneh Forouhar, Mohammad Mokhtari, Mohammad Jafar Pouyandeh, Firuz Dawani and many more cases have been revealed. It has been uncovered that the supreme leader of Islamic Republic regime and associations under his command are responsible for the “Chain Killing”. Even to end any associate headache that they may face in maintaining their power, they ordered a bus crash scenario which was conducted by Saeid Emami (Iranian deputy minister of intelligence under Ali Fallahian), to eliminate dissident writers, poets, artists. Moreover, they won’t tolerate Khomeini progeny therefore they removed Ahmad Khomeini under Sharia Fotwa. Right now, they are in charge of controlling all governments’ mafia associations and themselves were responsible for all those “Chain Killing”.

Second reason that eliminates doubt is that the suspicious political murder is an organised plan by the regime’s authorities to remove dissident, activists, protestors, organisers, and public protest participants. It is a hatred of IRGCs leaders, and other partners in the regime’s mafia power and capital against internal protestor  voices and society famous leaders. Revealing the country disturbance including misuse of public capital, IRGC intervention in Syria, Yamen, Lebanon, and Iraq, and mislead water, agriculture and environmental projects where the fingerprint of supreme leader and IRGC are obvious, all together are the reasons to believe that those suspicious murder are the regimes organised murder. In conclusion, today those who are representing regime belief and view and defending governments devastating policy and strategy for many years, are responsible for regime crimes and they have found themselves in confrontation with those who are representing unsatisfied people. Hence regime is not able to find the solution for the issues to settle the protestors, and the activists and organisers are still in plan to confront the regime through creating internal movement leadership that can establish trust, stability, continuing movement among all population, therefore activists physical elimination is the only option that mafia authorities believe that may help to solve the problem and protect their establishment.


Translated by: A.Modaresi & K.Modaresi