Iranian Opposition and the Kurdish question

By: Kamal Karimi

The Islamic Republic’s opposition comprises of Left wing, Royalist, National Council of Resistance of Iran, and parties of different nations inside Iran. Despite their different political views, depending on their political influence and abilities, they took a stand against the Islamic republic from the beginning of its establishment.  Some of them chose to start armed struggle with support from the Kurdish people and their political parties, even though their activities unfortunately did not extended to outside the Kurdistan border. While the merciless oppression of these groups’ members in the beginning of the power takeover by the clergies, resulted in tens of thousands death and imprisonment which made millions of other people leaving the country and concentrating their activities outside Iran, in Kurdistan the Kurdistan Democratic Party which had the responsibility of the leadership of Kurdistan nationalist movement together with the other parties which remained active inside, chose the resistance path against the Islamic Republic. A struggle and resistance which created several memorable moments for those fighting against dictatorship and reactionary.


The retreat of all Iranian opposition except the parties from Kurdistan during 1986-1991, and the transfer of their activities to overseas, weakened their influence on Iranian society. However, as Iranian people are under pressure due to Islamic republic authorities’ cruelty, they have raised their voice, and the oppositions against Islamic Republic in a mixture of different patterns have become active and based on their view, they want to introduce themselves as an alternative to replace the Islamic republic. Up to here we don’t mind apart from this;  If the opposition groups are interested in replacing the Islamic Republic, they should think about unity instead of appearing individually or having unrealistic claims, and to achieve that it requires gathering all distributed forces and cooperating based on common platform which unfortunately it does not exist at the moment.


In this competition, conservative groups like Royalists and Constitutionalists and some personalities have so far not understood the reality of the changes, therefore, they use some superficial slogans and think about the power they had a few decades ago. However, fortunately there are some positive changes among the Left wing, Democrats and Pro-republic groups have been noted. What the opposition groups should prioritize now, instead of their dreams about obtaining the power, is to realize the facts which have created the widespread discontent amongst the people towards different rulers of Iran and start paving the path to the genuine changes. They have to concentrate on the elements of creating a stable system which includes the interests of all Iranian communities. In this regard everyone should know that apart from the general matters like Human Rights, racial, language and religious differences, centralism and other known matters which many of them are good points and some of them have been addressed in laws passed during the Royal area and the Islamic Republic area, but in reality nothing has been done to implement them. However, there are some more important subjects in both regimes during the last eight decades and now they appear stronger, which is they forget all those nice words and instead they always refer to the country’s security and they invest in armed forces and suppression. Indeed there is no democratic and progressive group which denies the content of Universal Human Rights Declaration. However, the rulers in Iran have always denied the rights mentioned in that declaration with different excuses, that’s why it is unlikely that the people of Iran believe in those slogans.



The priority for us as Kurds in addition to all those rights and freedom which are addressed in the UHRD; is to achieve our national rights and freedoms which is a significant part of KDP-Iran’s strategy. If this is achieved within Iran as a result of negotiated democratic and federal system, first of all it must be decided that those which establish this federal system, is how they can with brotherly unity and voluntarily safeguard this establishment. Different nations in Iran and among them the Kurds have a long history of struggle in order to achieve their goals. Any change that occurred within Iran, the Kurds played their role, and then if their demands were overlooked, they chose not to be silent against injustices through resistance. In this moment, significant changes are expected, Kurds are a more powerful factor than before, so if any opposition group wants to ignore the Kurds force and abilities through shallow slogans or unfounded promises for the future, it is exactly the continuation of the same failed path which has been tested during the past century in Iran to destroy this nation’s aspirations which did not have any outcome except the death of hundreds of thousands of their countrymen.


A reminder is essential that any of the Kurdish group or personality that classify themselves within the Kurdish liberation forces to be cautious that for political ambitions and diplomatic show off, not to be deluded into treaties which do not clearly address the Kurds’ rights.


Translated by: A. Modaresi & K. Modaresi