Iranian Revolutionary guard shot dead Kurdish kolbar on the Chaldoran border

KDP Press: Kurdish Kolbar was killed during on the borders of Chaldoran by direct fire from the Iranian Revolutionaryguard (IRGC).

On Tuesday night, June second, the Iranian border guards opened fire on a group Kolbars on the hights border of Chaldoran, as a result, a Kurdish Kolbar was killed. An informed source in Chaldoran confirmed the news and announced the identity of the killed Kolbar as “Sajjad Dalaee Milan”, the son of Habib and a resident of ”Masjed Loy” village.

The Iranian armed forces shot to the Kurdish Kolbar at close range and without warning, and he died on the spot. According to the Hengaw statistics Center, twelve Kolbars and merchants were killed and twenty-four Kolbars were injured in May, that 91.5 per cent of these cases were direct fire.