Iran’s Regime shot dead and wounded three Kurdish Kolbars on the borders of Urmia

KDP-Press: Three Kolbars from the ”Silvania” district of Urmia were killed and wounded by direct fire the Iranian armed forces.

On Sunday morning, June 28, the Iranian border guards opened fire on a group of Kolbars on the borders of Urmia, as a result, the shooting one Kolbar killed and two others injured. According to Hengaw.

These three Kolbars are from the ’Silvania’ district of Urmia and so far the identities of two of them have been confirmed for Hengaw.

As a result of the shooting of the Iranian border guards, Kurdish Kolbar named “Salem Soleyman Nejad” lost his life and other Kolbar identified “Davood Majidian”, the son of Mohammad Salim was seriously injured.