IRGC’s air and space commander claims ‘Israeli and Saudi Representatives’ have been killed during the missile attack at KDP-I’s headquarters

Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Revolutionary Guards Air and Space Force, has claimed that Saudi and Israeli representatives were killed in a missile attack on the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s headquarters in Iraq.

Mr. Hajizadeh praised the IRGC’s missile capabilities and said that during the missile attack on the DDP-I’s headquarters in September, Saudi and Israeli delegates were present at the site where they were attacked and killed.
Following a rocket attack on the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan, near the Iraqi city of Koya, it was reported that 15 members of the group had been killed, including several members of its leadership.
Earlier, allegations of the killing of others during that attack had not been disclosed, and Saudi Arabia or Israel have not reported the death of their citizens.

Translated from BBC Persian