Islamic republic obligations and our tasks

Kemal Karimi

Islamic republic obligations and our tasks

Is that possible for the regime to survive under internal and external struggles by accepting a new deal with America?

Despite the fact that Ali Khamenei is the supreme leader of the regime and he is the one who has engineered the holy believe in the attack on the united states of America, but if the new president of the US endeavours with much economic and diplomatic pressure with the support of international allies, then it is likely for the second time and for another leader to persist the regime known as ‘ Compromise of the heroes’ like what they did with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action JCPOA on 14 July 2015, referred to as “Barjam”.

The Iranian regime expectation to end one-sided ‘extra pressure’ which imposed by the Trump’s administration that caused aggressive compression is not going to create any hope. Although, the extra pressure policy did not bring the regime to its knee however, it creates such heavy distresses that regime cannot get out of them easily. It is right that Mr Trump is going to be replaced by a democrat leader and the Iranian regime anticipation is to see American policy shift in their favour. Conversely, American administration and politician’s opinion on Iran is too far to open such gate for Iranian rulers as they expected. In line with that, American attack on Iran is unlikely but, pressure will be increased, and it will create much difficulty for the regime.

Economic sanction has imposed heavy pressure on all Iranian departments. more than ever, it is Iranian officials who are talking about these massive problems. Shortage of income and inability to maintain yearly budget caused uphill deepening and a lack of source disrupts counsellor not to serve peoples of Iran but for themselves, this also interrupts out of border interventions and the support of proxy militia groups financially.

The Islamic regime leaders no longer have such ability to defend themselves out of their border under the slogan of “revolution exportation”. Right now, the fight is in front of their door and it is not American attack on Iran that they want to hide and push people to miscalculate the fact. In reality, it is their end-of-life fight with Iranian people resulted in 4 decades of leadership failure against humanity that enriched people’s anger. More than that, assassination of Fakhrizad in a high security aria near Tehran whether it was carried out by internal or external forces such as Israel revealed a significant security breach within the system.

Suppressive Islamic regime of Iran has never considered the life and right of Iranian people for many years even, the regime has exploited any individual’s dissatisfaction voice. As long as any frustrations developed, the suppress, arrests, tortures and hanging are imposed by the regime and if people protest increased then on the street suppression and mass killing of the demonstrators are augmented. It was last year October/November that many Iranian people including some Kurdish cities have being attacked by the government in a bloody clash which will expected to raise again to send its clear message for human being that this regime is no longer validate and it should be excluded for its suppressive role internally and its threatening action for the region.

Kurdistan has been treated as a security region from beginning of Islamic regime and due to that Kurdistan has experienced much more suppression including Sevillian mass killing. In such condition any possible scenarios are expected therefore, any changes could impact the rightful political movement of the Kurdish people. It is essential more than ever to observe the possible political changes and practically act better than ever for the purpose of empowering the Kurdistan movement that based on its own strengths, all those together can establish a collective social movement based on all activists’ forces inside the Kurdistan. To accomplish such matter the unity among different Kurdish political movements is an essential requirement.

Cooperation Centre of Iranian Kurdistan’s political parties (CCIKPP), activity in being responsible for planning and leading the movement in such substantial period of time should be improved. In line with that, considering and establishing strong connection practically with other Iranian political movement which tend to be a powerful movement could be a supportive for Kurdish movement is also important to gain all rights and freedom of Iranian people in general and Kurds in particular. Being supportive for cooperation between all Iranian oppositions is essential which unfortunately has been difficult to accomplish for may year due to different political view. Certainly, conducting the above-mentioned tasks could lead us to the final stage of being succeeded and accomplishment of freedom and our nation right to be furnished.


translation by: Kaveh Modaresi