KDP-Iran’s representative visited the British Parliament

News Centre, United Kingdom;

On October 24, the representative of KDP-I, Mr Mouloud Swara, member of the party leadership, visited the British Parliament and met Mr Sandy Martin, member of the British Parliament. In this meeting, they discussed the events in the Middle East as well as Iran’s missile attack on the party headquarter and the martyrdom of 14 members of the leadership and the Peshmergas personnel, the Iranian regime’s attempt to militarization in Kurdistan, executions of political prisoners, the arrest and killing of the Kurdish Kulbars (piggy-back porters) and the creation of insecurity and unrest for the people of Iranian Kurdistan.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Sandy Martin is chairman for East Kurdistan friendship group in the British Parliament. At this meeting, he expressed his regret over the fact that news about the Islamic Republic’s missile attack did not get the media coverage it deserved and the international community’s silence about the great catastrophe that took place against Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran. He also stated that this catastrophe and loss of lives was unfortunately did not get the attention of the media as it should. He vowed to intensify his efforts to spread information about our people’s justified struggle within relevant parties.

During the meeting some printed material about the missile attack and parts of the black list of terrorist attacks of the Islamic Republic of Iran inside and outside of Kurdistan٫ List of political prisoners, a brochure about the bloody Yalda Night  attack (another terrorist attack by the Islamic Republic on the party headquarter last year), introduction and description of the situation in Iranian Kurdistan, and some publications from the Cooperation Centre of Iranian Kurdistan Parties, as well as the information about the assassination of the capable party commander, Mr. Ghader Ghaderi, was handed out.