KDP Representative Arez Ramazani had a meeting with Kerstin Lundgren Foreign Affairs Committee

KDP-I Representative Arez Ramazani in meeting with Center Party (Sweden) Kerstin Lundgren in the Swedish parliament she is in the Swedish Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

KDP-I Representative Arez Ramazani have now met the majority of the parties’ representatives in the Swedish Foreign Affairs Committee to discuss Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-I), Kurdistan and Iran.

Document concerning the missile attack was handed over to the Center Party (Sweden) Representative and the meeting continued with Arez Ramazani provided deeper information concerning the missile attack.
The representatives continued to discuss Rojhelat, the Middle East and Iran
Representatives also discussed executions of Kurds carried out in Iranian prisons.

It is important to emphasize that KDP-I always had a hand open for dialogue with the Iranian regime, but after the missile attack, KDP-I will not have the hand open for dialogue.