KDP representative in Germany visited the FCO


Representatives from KDP-I in Germany Soltan Golawi and Abdulla Abdi met the representatives Thömmes Alei and Dominik Reich from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Germany.

The KDP-I Representative discussed US sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the crisis in Iran right now.

Soltan Golawi discussed the two terrorist attacks against the KDP-I party headquarters in (Shawi Yalda) and recent missile attacks from the Iranian regime against the KDP-I party headquarters.
Representatives also discussed the demonstrations in the Iranian part of Kurdistan after missile attacks against KDP-I.

The representatives from KDP-I also discussed closer dialogue and cooperation between Germany and KDP-I.

Representatives from Germany promised closer dialogue between both parties and and closer cooperation between Germany’s consulate in Erbil Kurdistan and KDP-I.