KDP representative met with Senator Claire Moore

On Thursday the 13th of December 2018, at 9:30 am Salah Pourasad, a KDP representative met with Senator Claire Moore, shadow Minister for women, shadow Minister for Carers, and shadow Minister for communities in city of Brisbane.

In this meeting, Salah Pourasad discuss the policy of Islamic Regime in Iran regarding terrorist activities, killing political prisoners and ordinary people who are working in the Iran-Iraqi border(Kolbar). 

However, the Iranian regime made and tested a far range missile and used it against their opposition, Kurds. Senator Moore agreed that international community is not doing enough to condemn Iran’s ballistic missile activists and humans rights abuse against Kurdish people and other minorities. Senator Moore except the invitation to attend and speak to a seminar which is held in the near future in Australia about the Iranian regime terrorist policy. She also will request the Australian government and the opposition to meet with KDP’S  delegations if they come to Australia.