KDP’s Representative meeting with Secretary General of Olof Palme International Center

Meeting between KDP-I Representative Arez Ramazani and Secretary General of Olof Palme International Center at the Social Democrats party headquarters (SAP).

2018.11.07 KDP-I Representative Arez Ramazani met the Secretary General from Olof Palme International Center Anna Sundström and Representative from Middle East Affairs Sanna Eliasson.

Arez Ramazani thanked the Secretary General Anna Sundström and Sanna Eliasson who was in Kurdistan and the KDP-I party headquarters.

Arez Ramazani also left a letter from KDPI General Secretary Mustafa Mauludi to Olof Palme International Center.

Important documents from the missile attack were handed over to Olof Palme International Center,

KDP-I representative Arez Ramazani discussed the missile attack and discuss further Kurdistan, Rojhelat, Iran’s future and the Alternative to the Islamic Republic.

General Secretary of Olof Palme Center told KDP-I representative that they will ensure that the information will go to the right departments of Social Democrats (SAP).