Khalid Azizi: The international community ought to listen to the real voice of the peoples in Iran and Iranian Kurdistan

Due to the approaching New Year, in a message to the leaders of the free and democratic countries, the general secretary of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran), Khalid Azizi, asked the developed and democratic world to pay attention to the Iranian people’s situation under the rule of the Islamic Republic.

Here is the context of the message:


Your Excellencies

Leaders of the free and democratic world,

Human Rights Organizations and Institutions,

During this time of the New Year, people worldwide in privileged and democratic countries embrace the Christmas and New Year holidays and try to forget the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences, even if it is for a short period. At the same time, the people of Iranian Kurdistan continue to suffer from oppression, human rights violations, and discriminatory laws caused by the Islamic Republic. As if all the burdens and tragedies caused by the Islamic Republic were not enough, the execution of the political prisoner Heidar Ghorbani did increase the people’s sorrow and indignation. Mr. Ghorbani was a Kurdish political activist who, after being arrested, was accused of jeopardizing the regime’s security hence subjected to inhuman torture leading to forced confession. Despite Amnesty International and other international human rights organizations’ repeated demand to spare his life, he was executed on December 19th.

The Kurdish people are experiencing a harsh economic situation, which is a result of the government’s discriminatory laws and perceiving this area through national security considerations, which has worsened during the Covid-19 pandemic and other crisis. Despite this hard situation, people of Kurdistan have not stopped their struggle. After the execution of Mr. Ghorbani, as an act of solidarity with his family and condemning the oppression and violence by the Islamic Republic, a general strike in a civilian manner took place on December 23rd in several of the Kurdish populated cities which is a sign of our people’s sense of responsibility towards their destiny and that they use every opportunity to demand their rights and defy the Islamic regime.

As we have already mentioned, the core issue of Iran is not the JCPOA and Iranian nuclear program, but people’s lack of rights and the crisis between the people and the regime over the civil, social, and political rights. Iranian people in general and the people of Iranian Kurdistan in particular, have always been vigilant and ready to come to the streets, organize strikes and use other forms of expressing their dismay with the oppressive regime, which has attracted the international community’s attention to their demands and aspirations. Let us hope that the outside world hears their voice and pays attention to their demands.

As the New Year is approaching, Therefore, we as Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iran emphasize on that the best way to pressure the Iranian regime is to condemn the Islamic republic’s violation against human rights and put the democratic rights of the Iranian people into consideration. which could encourage the people and ensure them that the international community no longer identify the Islamic regime solely through the JCPOA and Iranian nuclear program.

There is no doubt that even in the New Year, the Iranian and the Kurdish people, with all their ethnic and religious diversity, will continue their efforts and struggle for their legitimate rights. Hopefully, the free and democratic countries will support the political movements of the Iranian people’s struggle for their human rights.

We wish a happy and prosperous New Year for everyone.

Khalid Azizi

Secretary-General of Kurdistan Democratic Party – Iran

25 December, 2021