Kurdish citizen killed one other seriously injured in Landmine Explosion in Baneh and Urmia

KDP-Press: Landmine explosion of the Iran-Iraq war killed a Kurdish farmer and seriously injured a Kolbar.

On Monday, June 15, a Kurdish farmer from the village of Sourab in the Baneh city named ”Ahmad Aalam was killed in a landmine explosion on the borders of ​​Baneh.

On the other hand, a Kurdish Kolbar named “Qabil Marjani Rad” from the village of Eleyeh in the Silvana district lost his leg while working (Kolbari) due to a landmine explosion.

According to the Hengaw, in less than three months, 11 Kurdish citizens have been victimized in landmines explosion on the Kurdistan border, that one of whom has been killed, and 10 others have been injured or amputated.