Kurdistan Democratic Party – Iran: Help the flood victims!

Kurdistan Democratic Party – Iran: Help the flood victims!

For more than two weeks several cities and regions in Iran and Kurdistan have suffered from aftermath of rainy weather and flood, resulting in huge material loss and loss of lives. In some southern parts of Kurdistan (Kirmashan, Ilam and Lorestan), the losses are disastrous and heartbreaking. According to information, about 60 people have lost their lives so far, hundreds are injured and tens of thousands had to leave their homes. 400 cities and villages in 18 provinces have faced the aftermath of flood and 78 roads between cities and 2200 roads between villages have been closed. Preliminary damage estimation is about 12000 billion Iranian Tomans.

According to environmental experts, the main reason for this disaster is not natural but a direct result of wrong policy and negligence of the government and the Mafia band of Revolutionary Guard Corps, because their erroneous infrastructure projects have caused the people and the country such a disaster. Apart from all this mismanagement, what has infuriated the flood-stricken people of Iran and Kurdistan, is the negligence and inability of the Islamic regime’s authorities to aid the affected people. So far, the government officials under different pretexts, as a sign of their incompetence and inability, have not presented any relief plan.

Every time this kind of natural disaster hits the country, a wave of regional and governmental sympathy and aid is starting, but this time there is no sign of aid from other countries. It’s obvious that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s officials, due to their nature, have never honored people’s life and property, in times such as this one, they do not ask for help, but at least in two previous similar occasions, during the earthquake in “Roodbar” and the one in “Bam”, medical and humanitarian aid was pouring into the country from all over the world. The last time this happened was after the earthquake in “Bam” when more than 60 countries, amongst them USA, sent rescue crew, food, medicine and housing equipment to Iran and the Iranian media as well as the officials acknowledged it with gratitude. But what has happened since this huge natural disaster has not generated same campaign?  How come all the reactions have stayed on tweets and verbal comments?! Don’t bother about USA and Europe, how come China and Russia, which are two political allies of the Islamic Republic and support the regime politically all the time, this time they have been content with extending  condolence and expressing verbal sympathy?! How come when hundreds of thousands of people have lost their home and their life is in danger, but instead of trying to get the international sympathy, the Iranian officials distort the issue and blame their own negligence on other governments? The Iranian foreign minister says that the US sanctions are the reason why the aid process has not come along and they (the sanctions) are preventing the other governments help not reaching the Iranian people! On the other hand Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of the State, replied that the Iranian officials should be frank to their people and instead of revising their wrong environmental and urban planning and change their erroneous policy towards the international community, they lie to their people and blame us.

The truth is that the Islamic Republic of Iran has constantly and especially the last two decades has through creating crises and headache to other countries on regional and global level, supporting state terrorism is spreading hearted and aversion on global scale. A hearted and aversion that now the Iranian people has to pay for it.

Kurdistan Democratic Party expresses its sympathy to the affected Iranian and Eastern Kurdistan people and extends its condolences to the families of this disaster’s victims, also condemning the regime’s negligence and incompetence in helping people, asks the people of Kurdistan to help those who have suffered from the flood in any possible way. Especially as a patriotic duty towards our compatriots, we ought to help the people from southern part of Kurdistan according to their expectations.

The resistant and generous people of Kurdistan in such a special circumstance have proven to be each other’s supporters and don’t leave each other alone. The reaction of the people of cities and regions in Kurdistan towards those who were hit by earthquake in Kirmashan province and their historical aid effort, is a characteristic symbol of Kurdish people’s generosity. Hence it’s expected that in these harsh and disastrous circumstances the Kurdistan people do not forget their compatriots in Kirmashan, Ilam and Lorestan provinces. Help them and with your cooperation decrease their sorrow and suffering!

Kurdistan Democratic Party – Iran

The Politburo

April 3, 2019