Meeting between Swedish Social Democratic Party representative in Sweden’s parliament with KDP-I Representative Arez Ramazani.

2018/10/25 KDP-I Representative Arez Ramazani met the Social Democrats parliamentarian Johan Buser.

The meeting was held in Sweden’s parliament and information exchanged between the parties.

Arez Ramazani discussed Iran’s missile attack against KDP-I party headquarters that killed 14 members and injured 40’s members.

Ramazani discussed Iran’s oppression of the Iranian groups in Iran and beyond Iran’s borders, specially the Kurds.

But also Iran’s involvement in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, which causes greater concern in the Middle East.

 Arez Ramazani discussed executions of Kurdish youth and “Kolbar” who move food/everyday gadgets between Bashur and Rojhelat.

The KDP-I Representative interpret the trade between Sweden and Iran should be stopped as soon as possible.

Trade with a country that does not respect human rights should be reviewed soon.