Message of gratitude and call for further measures by UN Security Council

To the attention of US Ambassador to the UN and representatives of other permanent members of the Security Council
Koya, September 21, 2018
Less than two weeks after the Iranian missile attack on the headquarters of our Party (KDP Iran), Ambassador Nikki Halley, the US permanent representative to the United Nations, solemnly evoked and condemned this attack in the Security Council meeting. This is the most significant international reaction since the attack, which takes place at the highest international decision-making body.
It is obvious that the missile attack on our headquarters was not only aimed at eliminating the leadership of our Party. By this attack, the Iranian regime also sought to once more challenge the international community and show its ability to destabilize the region.
Therefore, while thanking the American diplomacy team for formally bringing the attack on our headquarters to the attention of the UN Security Council, we urge all other permanent members of the Security Council to give a favorable consideration to US efforts in the United Nations regarding to Iran’s malicious maneuvers in the region.
In case where for political reasons no swift action is taken in this regard in the framework of UN Security Council, we believe it is the responsibility of the United States to go beyond declarations and take concrete and rapid measures to prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from reiterating such crimes against our Party and civilians affiliated with our party residing in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP Iran)