Mini Report: Iran Protests on Monday-March 11, 2019

Avatoday’s Mini Report on Iran Protests are covering daily series of nationwide demonstrations occurring across the country against a slugging economy, high level of corruption and inflation that gone wild in Iran.

Workers of a contracting company in Iran’s city of Qazvin protested over six-months unpaid salaries on Monday.

An Iranian factory in Asalviyeh cut the number of its workers without early announcement due to the economic crisis. The fired workers gathered in front of the factory, hoping to save their job as they are struggling with inflation, unemployment and financial crisis.

Workers of Iranian petrochemical companies in Masjed Soleiman protested over delayed salaries for the third day on Monday.

Iranian workers in the Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture ask for the minister’s resignation due to his lack of interest in solving their problems including delayed and low salaries.

Andimeshk Municipality in Iran’s Khouzestan province announced on Monday that the organization is unable to pay the salaries. The protesting-workers did not receive their salaries for the past 11 months.

Workers of Karoon Cement factory and their families went on strike on Monday, protesting over their unpaid salaries. The protesters also said that the factory started firing its employees without even paying their salaries.

Iranian university students protested today over “violations of their rights” in Khajeh Nasir University in Tehran.

In the city of Mashhad, hundreds of depositors protested once again as they have lost their money invested in Padideh organization, which is part of Iran’s Caspian Bank.

Numbers of Iranians protested on Monday over illegal confiscation of their lands about 38 years ago by the Islamic Republic. The protesters claimed that a court decision was issued several years ago to return back the lands to the owners without taking any practical steps.