Netanyahu reveals an imminent agreement with the Iraqi Kurds

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That Hebrew website published “0404”, saying that Netanyahu hinted at a meeting of the Likud party secretariat headed by the Israeli prime minister, to sign a settlement agreement with the Kurds in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

The site confirmed that Netanyahu had indicated this during his question about the signing of a settlement agreement between his occupying entity and the Kurds in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, where he said: I cannot expand on this matter, I recently visited other Arab countries, and as I could not say some time ago about the Emirates I can’t point to that now.

The Israeli journalist, Barak Rafid, the correspondent for the “13” Hebrew Channel, confirmed in a new tweet to him on his official account on “Twitter” that Netanyahu had hinted that he was visiting Arab countries that do not establish diplomatic relations with Israel, in response to a question about peace with the Kurds. In the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

The Hebrew website stated that at present, Iraqi Kurdistan and Israel do not enjoy diplomatic or bilateral relations between them, although there are allegations of many contacts between governmental and commercial bodies between the two countries.