On the occasion of Christmas and New Year


On the occasion of Christmas and New Year, I would like to extend my sincere greetings to all Christians in Kurdistan, Iran and my fellow compatriots abroad.

The Christians of Kurdistan and Iran are celebrating Christmas, during a time when all Iranian people are going through a very harsh and difficult times, as a consequence of the Iranian regime’s politics. The country’s crisis-stricken economy which has resulted in wide spread unemployment, hyperinflation and the Corona pandemic has made the Kurdish and Iranian lives miserable.

Even though, the merciless suppression of the Islamic Republic and the Corona crisis has not left any room for expressing discontent by the people, nevertheless, the Iranian people have proven that they are determined in demanding their rights, and they undoubtedly continue their struggle to achieve their rights and freedom.

I wish the New Year will be a peaceful year and full of success for the world in general and for the Kurdish people and our region in particular, and hope that peace, freedom and justice would prevail. I hope that international community will pay more attention to human rights, freedom of expression and demand for democracy for the Iranian people.

The Iranian people with all its religious and ethnic diversity, will continue their struggle and efforts for obtaining their democratic and human rights. Furthermore, I hope that the political organizations stay united, and with more solidarity embrace the changes, create opportunities and use it in the best possible way to bring success to the democratic movement of the Iranian people. May the new year be a joyful year for everybody.


Khalid Azizi

Secretary General

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)

December 25, 2020