On the Occasion of Christmas

On the occasion of Christmas and New Year, I wish all Christians, especially Christian compatriots in Kurdistan and Iran, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christians in Kurdistan and Iran are celebrating Christmas and the New Year in a circumstance where the Kurdish and Iranian people continue their arduous and costly struggle against the Islamic Republic. In November the Kurdish and Iranian people more energetic and with more popular support than ever before proclaimed their righteous demands which echoed around the world. Many of them were killed and injured, the prisons were filled, yet still they proved that the struggle and the aspiration for their rights and for their freedom was alive.

In 2019, the struggle of the people in the region, especially the Kurdish people, in order to safeguard their legitimate rights continued. Hence, I hope the new year will bring peace, prosperity, happiness, freedom, justice, progress and victory for the whole world in general and the Kurdish people and our region in particular. 

Once again I extend my best wishes for all believers of Christianity in Kurdistan and Iran. I hope in the New Year, the continued and united struggle of the Iranian people, with all its diverse religious and ethnic composition, against the Islamic Republic brings more success. At the same time I hope that the political organizations and freedom fighters in Iranian Kurdistan, in unity and with united struggling force with more solidarity amongst themselves, achieve the goals of the Kurdish political movement.

Khalid Azizi

Secretary General of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)

December 25, 2019