PKK to ally with Iran against US, says Cemil Bayik

Cemil Bayik, co-chairman of Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), claimed on Wednesday the United States is forming a new coalition consisting Turkey, Iraq and Kurds against Iran and that Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) will be against such coalition.

“America wants to bring Turkey, Iraq and Kurds in a coalition against Iran,” Bayik told PKK affiliated news agency ANF NEWS, “the coalition would act against Iran under the monitoring of the US.”

“At this time, the role of PKK is very important, the US wants to eliminate PKK because we are and we will stand against this coalition.”

According to Bayik Americans, for their interests, are designing a new Middle East.

“The US sees PKK a great problem ahead of itself, meantime, Iran is also a problem in front of America,” Bayik said.

He believes that US Sanction on Iran, which was imposed on Tehran on December 5, 2018 and at the same time announcing five million Dollar in bounty for PKK leaders is not just a coincidence, but it is part of the US plan to destroy Iran and PKK.