Regarding the mass arrests and the fate of people who have recently been arrested in Iranian Kurdistan

His Excellency António Gutteres, Secretary General of the United Nations!

Mr. Josep Borrel Fontelles, High representative to the Union for Foreign Affairs!

While the Islamic Republic views the outcome of US presidential election as an opportunity for appeasing the international pressure on itself, it has domestically increased the oppression and persecution of the people, especially the civil society activists in Kurdistan.

Recently the Iranian regime has started a wave of mass arrest of the Kurdish people and only during the past two weeks, about seventy civilians from different cities in Iranian Kurdistan and even some cities in central Iran, have been arrested.

All these people have been arrested without any legal or judicial process and the whereabouts of many of them is unknown and they are kept imprisoned in security forces’ secret prisons. As we witnessed in the last autumn’s mass arrest of people in Kurdistan, on these occasions the apprehended people will be subject to every kind of treatment and they face a very frightening fate.

The Islamic Republic’s history has tought us that every time it plays the negotiation and agreement card, the oppression inside the country increases. This is especially true in Kurdistan, where the Islamic Republic treats the people through mere security point of view.

While we express our concern and the newly arrested people’s families concern, appeal to you and all the establishment under your disposal to not watch the oppression of the people in silence and take the necessary measures to warn and caution the Islamic republic in this regard.

Thank you,

Khalid Azizi

Secretary General of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)

January 26, 2021