Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Democratic Party congratulates Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Mustafa Mauludi, Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, has sent a congratulatory message to the Christians in Iran and Kurdistan to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. “Congratulations to Christians of Iran and Kurdistan on the occasion of Christmas and New Year, and I hope that the new year will be a year of blessing, happiness and prosperity. As the Kurdish nation, in all four parts of Kurdistan, despite its endless struggle, we have not yet achieved our legitimate rights but the efforts to achieve the rights of the nation it is still ongoing Iran’s Kurdistan, where we reside, is witnessing to profound changes, which can be positive or perilous for the Kurdish nation. I would like to repeat my congratulations to all Christians in Kurdistan and Iran, and hope that 2019 will be a year of goodness and blessing for all, especially to the Kurdish fighters and the political forces of the Kurdistan of Iran so that they can, with their unity and solidarity, respond to the repression and terror of the Islamic Republic of Iran. I hope that with unity and solidarity we advance the Kurdish issue in Iran”. Mustafa Mauludi Secretary General of the Kurdistan Democratic Party December 29, 2018