Special visit to the British Parliament

Special visit to the British Parliament On September 13, 2018, the Democratic Party of Kurdistan presented a panel discussion with the participation of Mr. Jack Lopresti MP, The APPG Chairman, Mary Glindon MP, “Lord Maurice Glasman, “Lord Lloyd Russel Moyle” and hoted by Gary Kent the Secretary of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG). Mouloud Swara Leadership member of kurdistan Democratic party and Party representative in the UK, at this meeting, he spoke on the issue of a missile attack on the Democrats, and how it was carried out, and the number of martyrs and Injuries and the execution of three political prisoner and a massive strike the people of Kurdistan of Iran, as an achievement and a great sword against the Iranian regime. The policy of the Islamic Republic in the logic of creating tension and undermining the security and stability of the Middle East, especially in Iraq and the Kurdistan region, was another part of the discussion. In another part of the meeting, the presenters, expressing their concerns, expressed their concern about this disaster and wished them to recover as soon as possible for the wounded and announced that they would follow the demands of our rightful people and discuss this with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the organization Nations and the British Parliament. It is worth mentioning that Ms. Zhaleh was accompanied by the Democratic Party at the meeting.
The Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP-l / UK September 13, 2018