Speech by Mr. Moustafa Shalmashe the member of Political Bureau of KDP in 30th anniversary of Dr. Ghassemlou in Vienna.

Ladies and gentleman, dear friends

Let me express my gratitude over your participation in this memorial ceremony on 30th anniversary of Dr Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou´s assassination in Vienna in the heart of Europe. 30 years ago, Dr Ghassemlou Secretary general of Kurdistan democratic party at the time, accompanied by Abdullah Ghaderi Azar and Dr. Fadhil Rassoul were assassinated on negotiation table with so-called representatives of Islamic regime of Iran in district 3 in Vienna. Those agents of Iranian regime murdered the Kurdish leader and his colleagues while they were sitting on negotiation table to find a peaceful solution for the Kurdish case in Iran.

It was neither the first nor the last terroristic action carried out by the Iranian regime agents in the Europe. During its 40 years of being in power in Iran, Islamic regime has committed a huge number of serious crimes against humanity including assassination, imprisonment, killing and torturing the critical thinkers, human rights activists and intellectuals.

It is well known that Iranian regime during these 40 years has executed, hanged and brutally killed tens of thousands of political prisoners and activists.

Only during 1991 to 1997, Iranian regime assassinated more than 400 members of Iranian Kurdish political parties in Iraqi Kurdistan.

It is part of daily life in Iran that a prisoner can receive middle age sentences such as being hanged, lashed or stoned in public.

The Iranian regime can be called a complete “Khalifat” governed by a religious leader “Vali Faqih” who call himself the representative of God on earth and has unlimited power.

The base for law in Iran is “ so – called Islamic Sharia” which is incompatible with all the international human rights conventions. Sentences such as being beaten/lashed, stoned, amputation of hand or leg in public or “Qesas” are exercised as a part of Iranian punishment law. It needs to be highlighted that ISIS or Daesh sentences are exact copies of those punishments being exercised by Iranian regime in Iran.

Iranian political activists can face harsh and unbearable sentences. The members of Kurdish political parties are considered as the enemies of God by Iranian regime and according to Iranian law; our members can be sentenced to 4 types of punishments including death by bullet, death through being hanged, amputation of left hand and right leg or being sent to exile. The first 3 types of punishments have already been used in numerous examples in Iran. Those barbaric sentences are the same as those used by ISIS which has been disgusted internationally.

Today we gathered here to remind one of the most brutal crimes carried out by the agents of Islamic regime of Iran in Europe.

On July 13th 1989 a group of Iranian regime agents assassinated Dr Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou, Abullah Ghaderi Azar and Dr. Fadhil Rassoul on negotiation table. Those 3 Kurdish diplomats were negotiating with so-called representatives of Iranian regime to find a peaceful solution regarding the Kurdish case in Iran. Unfortunately, the Iranian delegation was only there to trap the Kurdish leaders and to kill them. The members of the Iranian delegation were only military agents under the cover of diplomatic representatives.

The worst thing in the tragedy was the action of Austrian government concerning the crime. The Iranian agents were arrested after the assassination by the Ausrtrian polis but were released shortly after and escorted back to Iranian embassy in Vienna without being questioned properly or facing any lawful inspection. Despite the indisputable evidence on that time; the Austrian government did not allow the police authority and the judicial system to conclude the investigation and the legal process. As a result, this unprecedented crime which had taken place in the capital of a democratic European country was never resolved and the murderers remained unpunished to this day. 

Kurds lost their leader here in the heart of Eurpe, in Austria, being killed by Iranian agents who could easily escape without any inspection or being hold accountable for what happened to the Kurdish leaders.

The unacceptable and unconventional action of the Austrian government and judiciary system regarding Dr. Ghassemlou´s assassination case motivated the Iranian regime to continue its terroristic actions in hunting and killing the Iranian political activists in Europe. 3 years later on September 17th, 1992 Dr. Sadegh Sharafkandi, another Kurdish leader and his delegation members were assassinated in Berlin, Germany and again they were killed by the Iranian regime agents.

Iranian regime was determined to convey this message to its opposition that they cannot be safe anywhere in the world and no government has the power to stop Iran. However, the judiciary system in Germany kept its independence and could conclude and prove that the supreme leader, “Vali Faqih” of Iran had ordered the assassination of Dr. Sharafkandi in Berlin. It can be a good example for an independent judiciary system which refuses to be silenced by the government.

Iranian regime still continues its strategy in chasing, hunting, killing or trapping the Iranian political activists outside Iran.

Hassan Rohani promised changes when he was elected as president of Iran.

Both Iranian people and the international community expected improvements but his presidency has not caused any progress; human rights situation has deteriorated, the number of political prisoners has increased and Iranian regimes support for terrorist groups in the region from Iraq to Yemen has increased since his presidency.  

Iranian regime´s terroristic attacks against Iranian Kurds in general and Kurdistan Democratic Party in particular continued and extended during Rohani´s presidency.

Examples such as bombing Polit Bureau of Kurdistan Democratic Party located in Iraqi Kurdistan on December 2017 which caused 5 casualties, missile attack to the headquarter of Kurdistan democratic party located inside Iraq on September 2018 which killed 16 members of the party are among numerous terroristic actions carried out by the Iranian regime against Kurdish political activists outside Iran. When it comes to nuclear weapon, Iranian authorities pretend to be willing to negotiate with the international community while developing weapons and continuing uranium enrichment secretly.

Almost a year has passed since USA left the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Iran has been subjected to economic sanctions. U.S. State Department announced Iran´s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization and target to sanction.

Iran Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has been involved in all terroristic measures supported by Iran and carried out both inside and out outside Iran.

IRGC is a key factor in the Middle East region interfering in domestic affairs of neighboring countries and creating instability in the region and internationally.

Kurdish people have proved in action that they are committed to peace, stability, democracy, tolerance and coexistence; and they are against terrorism, instability and injustice.

Kurdish people deserve to be treated fairly by the international community in general and progressive European countries in particular when it comes to Dr. Ghassemlou´s assassination. This murder case needs to be reopened and the truth brought forth to the world. Justice must be served and an independent judicial review is expected to remedy this historical injustice carried out in Europe against 40 million Kurds who are deprived of their basic rights.

We remind the Austrian government to take its legal responsibility in granting reinstatement of the case so the legal proceedings can carry out and the truth behind this murder can be brought to the light. The Iranian authorities need to be forced to extradited the agents who were involved in the murder case to be present in front of an independent judiciary review.

To restore its reputation and to bring justice to Dr Ghassemlou assasination, Austria need to take this request into serious consideration.

Victory for justice

Yes, to a world full of freedom, justice and peace