Statement from Kurdistan Democratic Party’s politburo, regarding the court verdict in the terror case of Qader Qaderi

After two years investigation in the terror case of Qader Qaderi, the high ranked commander of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran), the Erbil’s District court’s second branch announced its verdict in this matter. As it is stated in the verdict, three of the perpetrators got capital punishment and the other two were sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Regarding the investigation process of this case, we would like to state:

First, the consideration and dedication of Kurdistan Democratic Party’s security committee, the security authority and the judicial system of Kurdistan Regional Government and the lawyers, regarding the process of identifying and apprehending some of the perpetrators and starting the judicial process and later taking the case so far, are highly appreciated. The Democratic Party hopes that this verdict becomes the turning point in reopening and reprocessing the terror cases of other political dissidents from East Kurdistan, who have fallen victim to the Islamic Republic’s terror campaign. Nevertheless, this verdict to punish the perpetrators provided both allay and closure to martyr Qaderi’s family and accountability to the criminals which will eventually dissuade those who because of ignorance, greed and promises would become preys of the Islamic Republic’s conspiracies.

Second, according to the court’s investigations and the criminals’ acknowledgements and complete and unequivocal evidence, the order of assassinating Qader Qderi has been given to the terror team by the Islamic Republic and more exactly by the IRGC. Hence, the legitimate expectation of Kurdistan Democratic Party is that criminals of the case of Qder Qaderi should not be treated according to the article 406 of the Iraqi criminal law, but according to the law regarding terrorist acts and publicly and officially reveal the Islamic Republic’s role in the terrorist acts in the past decades in Kurdistan region.

Third, the Iranian Islamic Republic’s regime has during all its existence used terrorism as a necessary and important weapon to eliminate its adversaries. The state sponsored terrorism of the Islamic Republic which does not acknowledge any geographical boundaries, has inflicted the most devastating blow to the Kurdish movement in such a manner that during the past four decades, more than 415 members and activists of the Kurdish opposition have fallen victim of whom more than 350 were members of the Democratic Party and most of them have been assassinated on the Kurdistan region’s soil.

Although the terror apparatus of the Islamic Republic has always been active, but after the Mykonos assassination and the German judiciary system’s verdict, which was a huge scandal for the regime, the traffic of Islamic Republic’s terrorists abroad to obliterate its adversaries, slowed down but this phenomenon never stopped. As we have seen, during the past two years, the Islamic Republic has been mentioned in some successful and unsuccessful terrorist acts in seven European countries (Denmark, Holland, Germany, Norway, Austria, France and Belgium).

This incident tells us that terrorism in Islamic Republic’s ideology is a sacred mean to hit their opponents and the regime has never and under no circumstances abandoned it, and it is solely pressure, relentless confrontation and the will of the whole international community in the anti-terrorism front that can stop the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic. Therefore, we expect from the judiciary system of the Kurdistan Regional government and other regional authorities to courageously condemn the Islamic Republic of Iran for its terrorist acts on Kurdistan region’s soil.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)


August 13, 2021