Statement of the Cooperation Center of Iranian Kurdistan’s Political Parties, regarding downing the Ukrainian passenger plane by the regime and the people’s reaction

Dear compatriots!

Freedom yearning people of Iran!

People of Kurdistan! 

As you are aware, on Wednesday 15th of January a Ukrainian Boeing 737 passenger plane carrying 176 people, among them tens of elites and 12 Kurds who were flying from Tehran to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, between Shahriar and Parand was targeted by the terrorist IRGC and downed and all the people aboard were killed.

After three days denying the truth by the regime’s high officials and under the international pressure, due to undeniable evidence proving this crime and considering the fact that the regime was not able to hide its involvement in this crime, yesterday January 11th the Joint staff of the armed forces announced that IRGC’s air defence system, due to human factor, has downed the plane.

Following the regime’s acknowledgement of this heinous crime which happened after three days of the regime leaders’ lies and deceit, a wave of rage and fury erupted from students in Tehran’s universities and quickly spread to other cities and the outraged people joined the demonstrations. During these demonstrations people showed that they more than ever have lost their faith in the Islamic Regime and toppling the regime is now the goal of the majority of the people.

The slogans like “Death to the principle of reign of jurisprudence”, “IRGC dictator, you are our ISIS”, “The Islamic Republic must be destroyed” etc. show that Iranian people know their real enemy very well and the fact that the regime, which presented itself as the defender of their security, has no legitimacy among the people. During this time’s demonstrations the demonstrators tore down the picture of regime’s leaders, especially Ghasem Soleimani, the regime’s known terrorist, and by doing this they sent an appropriate and revolutionary message to the regime which tried to show its popularity by Soleimani’s funeral circus and voided all the regime’s expensive plots in this regard.

The Cooperation center of Iranian Kurdistan’s Political Parties expresses its sorrow because of this heinous crime, committed by the Islamic Republic, extends its condolences to the victims’ families and the freedom yearning people of Iran and Kurdistan. At the same time we would like to express our support for the protests and demonstrations of our country’s risen people and we expect from all to take humanistic and revolutionary stance, show your solidarity with the protesters and support their legitimate demands and don’t stop your struggle and willingness to sacrifice your life until you defeat this murderous and medieval regime.

At the same time we demand from the international community, Human Rights defenders and humanists to put pressure on the regime and support the demands of the risen people of Iran, support them to defeat this criminal and terrorist regime and don’t let it, like the uprising in November, to oppress the demonstrations and slaughter the people while the international kept silence.

The Cooperation center of Iranian Kurdistan’s Political Parties

12 of January 2020