Statement of the Cooperation center of Iranian Kurdistan’s Political Parties regarding the attacks on Alaneh heights on Haji Omeran border

People of Kurdistan, Influential political centers, Human Rights defenders all over the world!

As you all are aware, on the morning of Tuesday 16th of June the IRGC artillery started shelling the heights of Alaneh in Haji Omeran region, the border area between Iran and the KRG.

Though it is not the first time Iran, under the pretext of attacking their regime’s Kurdish opposition’s forces, uses artillery and missiles violating the Iraqi and KRG border, but this time the attack happened following the meeting between the Iranian and the Turkish foreign ministers in Ankara and until the preparation of this statement, the attack is still ongoing.

Apart from the shelling of the Kurdish opposition sites, the Islamic Republic has also gathered a significant number of well equipped armed forces along the border with KRG in general and the shelled area in particular which means there is a risk that they will cross the border. Meanwhile the shelling has caused great material damage on farmers, herders and the residents of the area.

The Cooperation center of Iranian Kurdistan’s Political Parties, while condemning all kind of crossing the border and attacking the Kurdish parties, urges the influential international political centers and the Human Rights organizations not stand by and speak up in order to stop these aggressions.

At the same time the Cooperation center of Iranian Kurdistan’s Political Parties urges the leaders of the Iraqi government and the KRG to condemn these violations on their country and demand from the Islamic Republic to honor their sovereignty.

All these IRGC aggressions are happening while the Islamic Republic is facing tens of big domestic crises and due to the corruption of its political, military and judicial leaders they are incapable of creating such a circumstance in which ordinary people could get a decent life and they spend the country’s income on this kind of terroristic attacks and supporting their proxy terror organizations in the region and using these attacks to hide their crisis and conflicts.

The Cooperation center of Iranian Kurdistan’s Political Parties, condemns these aggressions and at the same time once more announces that the best and only solution for the Kurdish question, in all parts of Kurdistan, is political solution and using military aggression will only worsen the situation and creates heavy burden on the people of these countries. Besides, the history has proven that these kinds of attacks and aggressions will not discourage the Kurdish people from continue the struggle for their legitimate rights.

We hope for greater unity amongst the activists and freedom fighters of our nation.

The Cooperation center of Iranian Kurdistan’s Political Parties

June 17 2020