Statement on Iranian Threats by the Cooperation Centre of Iranian Kurdistan’s Political Parties

Iran’s terrorist Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have issued threats to carry out military operations against bases of Kurdish political parties from eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan. It is well-known that these bases that the Iranian regime is threatening to carry out military operations against hosts political refugees and civilians, including hundreds of children and women. These refugees and civilians have fled the totalitarian regime in Iran to seek refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan. The existence of Kurdish political organizations and activists in the Kurdistan region of Iraq (KRI) is only a pretext for the Iranian regime to inflict destruction and intervene in the internal affairs of the KRI. These threats can only be seen as another aspect of the Iranian regime’s anti Kurdish policy. The existence of Iranian Kurdish political parties in KRI is a futile pretext that the Iranian regime uses, the real aim of the regime is to bring about instability and chaos in this part of Kurdistan. The Iranian regime stands against any progress that the Kurdish people achieves. The regime seeks to undermine the progress and development in KRI and these latest threats have nothing to do with the location of Iranian Kurdish political parties’ bases. The regime in Iran has always pursued an anti-Kurdish policy and will continue to do so in the future. It will not be the first time that the Islamic Republic of Iran have violated the borders of its neighbours to conduct military operations. The regime in Iran pursues a policy of creating instability and spreading violence and destruction in the whole Middle East and this policy is part and parcel of the identity of the regime. These threats come at a time when the KRI and Iraq plans on holding elections. The people and government of KRI and Iraq, together with the international community, are all seeking to bring about stability and security in order to have a peaceful and democratic election in the country. This threat by the Iranian regime is an attempt to undermine the election process in order to attain leverage and to intervene in Iraq’s political process.

The Islamic Republic of Iran faces several internal crises. The regime has, since it took power, shifted focus from its internal crises by creating conflict, instability and crises for its neighbour’s. This latest threat is only another step in this regard. The regime believes that due to the fact that the international community has resisted to take action against the regime’s destructive policies, it will be able to continue these policies. Moreover, the regime believes that it will be able to subdue the Kurdish political movement in Iranian Kurdistan by threatening Kurdish civilians and Iranian Kurdish political parties. The Cooperation Centre of Iranian Kurdistan’s Political Parties condemns these threats by the regime in Iran and underlines that if these threats are carried out and civilians are targeted or and if these military operations leads to any destruction in Kurdistan, the cooperation centre will hold the regime responsible. We ask the international community, the government in Iraq and KRI, the public opinion to take a stand against this regime and not allow these threats to materialize.

Cooperation Centre of Iranian Kurdistan’s Political Parties

September 6, 2021