Statement regarding the first plenary meeting of KDP Iran’s central committee following the Iranian missile attack on September 8th 2018,

 Patriotic people of Kurdistan!

Members, supporters and friends of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)!

We would like to inform everyone that on September 19th, the ninth plenum Kurdistan Democratic Party’s central committee was held in which the ordinary members, the substitute members and advisers, some of the personalities of our party and chairmen of some of the party affiliated organizations participated.

This meeting was a continuation of the same meeting which we started on Saturday morning September 8th but was interrupted due to the missile attack by the Islamic Regime. The meeting started with a moment of silence to honor the martyrs of the party, especially the martyrs from the attack on our headquarters, amongst them: Karim Mahdawi, Ibrahim Ziweyi, Rahman Piroti, Nasrin Haddad members of the central committee, Soheila Qaderi and Hashem Azizi substitute members of the central committee. To honor these martyrs, we named our plenum “The plenum of the September 8th martyrs”. Noticeably during the meeting, we received the news about an additional martyr who was one of those injured during the attack, namely our comrade Qader Izzati known as Mame Qale Risheh and as a result the total number of those joining the Caravan of Kurdistan martyrs reached 14 people.

At the beginning of the meeting, the secretary general Mr. Mostafa Moloudi gave a speech. In his speech he greeted the souls of all September 8th Martyrs of the Democrat fortress and those comrades who as a result of the missile attack against the Democrat fortress were no longer amongst the party leadership. Then he as a representative of the party leadership and all caders, Peshmergas and party members vowed to continue the struggle until the dreams and aspirations of the martyrs comes true. The general secretary pointed out the importance of the meeting considering the sensitive circumstances, especially after the missile attack on the KDP-Iran headquarters, and pointed out the reasons, outcomes and different dimensions of that attack. At the same time, the politburo, supported by the central committee members, suggested that while an important part of the meeting agenda is spent on the issue of the missile attack, the agenda from the previous meeting, which was aborted due to the missile attack, should be followed and the plenum continued its work according to that agenda.

Regarding the missile attack on the plenum of the central committee by the IRGC, the reasons and the outcomes of that unprecedented criminal act of the regime, the analysis of the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s central committee did include different dimensions of that issue which we can point out the following:

  1. The fact that the Islamic regime is in a state in which it is confronted with unprecedented protests by the Iranian people and significant international pressure, violating the sovereignty of a neighboring state and all legal, moral and humanitarian principles, targeted the meeting of the leadership of Kurdistan Democratic Party by SRBMs, has different reasons. The reasons behind this criminal act of Islamic Republic which in the history of this regime confronting its adversaries abroad is unique and diverse and has several military, security and international dimensions, especially considering the fact that the leaders of the regime by committing this act wanted to show their continued defiance and malign  nature in the region. But the most significant reason in this regard is that the Islamic Republic considers Kurdistan Democratic Party as a serious threat to its future and knows that the Kurdish people see the Democrat fortress as a symbol of revolutionary resistance too. Islamic Republic has several times attacked the politburo of KDP-Iran in the past, from air and even before has bombed the meeting of the leaders of our party. The fact that the regime has targeted our party, with a weapon that has not been used against any Iranian opposition, is because our party has a strong and thriving root within the society of Eastern Kurdistan and the effectiveness of our party’s policies and organization to facilitate the struggling capacity of the Kurdish people increasingly. In fact if Kurdistan Democratic Party has been the primary target of Islamic Regime’s conspiracy and attacks, apart from the historic background, influence and prestige of the party, it’s because our party has tried to interconnect all kinds of struggles and encouraging the masses to be alert and confident in their struggle against the Islamic Republic which has been one of our party’s most prioritized goals.
  2. Our party dismisses the Islamic Republic’s propaganda as pretext for its criminal attack on us. Shamelessness of Islamic Republic in taking the responsibility of this crime and threatening to repeat this kind of attacks is based on us being a threat to their national security. First of all we have to mention that it is the Islamic Republic which with its repression and policy of suppression against civil society activists and defenseless people that has made all Iran and Kurdistan unsafe. Furthermore, even though we are proud of our militant resistance against the regimes attack on Kurdish soil and the Kurdish people, and despite the fact that we have well equipped and experienced  Peshmerga force, in the past we have always supported a peaceful and political solution to the Kurdish question In Iran, and also during the current situation the presence and activities of our Peshmergas are more aimed to help our people to be active and promote the hotbed of civil society and mass activism. And now that the Islamic Republic has in a such a barbaric way attacked the party politburo, we reassure the people of Kurdistan that our Peshmerga force will keep its presence in the field as before, with the support of our background and political philosophy of our people’s struggle, our priority is to strengthen the hotbed of civil society and mass activism against the Islamic Republic until the regime is finished.
  3. The missile attack on the KDP-Iran’s politburo resulted in a variety of reactions on different level. In this regard the plenum of the central committee finds it first of all necessary to thank and praise all the leadership, cadres, Peshmergas and party commanders in Kurdistan and abroad and the proud family members of the martyrs of the KDP headquarters and announce that despite the heavy attack on the party, they stood with highest courage and care faced this circumstance and in this sensitive hard time with their determination, perseverance and unity made their party proud and steadfast and gave a big lesson to the decision makers of this crime.
  4. The plenum of the central committee expresses its gratitude to the people in Eastern Kurdistan for their position and will, which apart from all support and sympathy which they have expressed to our party during the past ten days in different ways, they embraced the call from the activists inside the country, our party and the Cooperation center of Iranian Kurdistan’s Political Parties for a general strike and protesting the missile attack against the Democrat fortress and execution of Kurdish activists. This general strike was amongst the mass protests during the last forty years an unprecedented experience worthy of learning from. The Kurdish people with this strike told a very strong “NO” to the Islamic Republic which on the same day executed some Kurdish activists inside the country and attacked the Democrat fortress with missiles. The unique support and sympathy of the Kurdish people to KDP-I and the political movement and their feel of belonging towards the victims of terror and execution in this strike, needs to be considered as the beginning of a new chapter of intensified struggle and to be used to unite the Kurdish political society.
  5. The leadership of our party finds it necessary to once more extend its gratitude to the Kurdish authorities and the people of South Kurdistan especially the dear people of Koya who both during the massacre rushed to help our party and even later continued with their care and sympathy. At the same time we believe that considering the fact that the missile attack on the headquarters of the politburo at the same time is an assault on the sovereignty and stability of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, a stronger protest against the Iranian regime’s assault and working towards no repetition of this kind of crimes and protecting the lives of activists from eastern Kurdistan and their families is the moral and legal responsibility of the Iraqi government and Kurdistan regional government.
  6. As far as the forces and parties of eastern Kurdistan are concerned, the plenum of the central committee evaluates their solidarity especially within the framework of the Cooperation center of Iranian Kurdistan’s Political Parties as something positive and encouraging. But expresses its concern about this bitter reality that even after this unique catastrophe the coordination and cooperation of Eastern Kurdistan’s forces is not as it is expected and some parties continue their unilateralism and they even continue to mislead the reality of this incident. While our party continues to prioritize common interests higher than its own in order to promote a mentality of safeguarding and expanding the unity amongst the Kurdish community, we like to ask other parties to pay attention to this if we want to respond to the current situation’s sensitiveness and the Kurdish people’s expectations, it is necessary to act more responsibly and more really to unite the Eastern Kurdistan’s forces in practice.
  7. Regarding the Iranian oppositional forces, parties and personalities, after this missile attack and after the united solidarity of the Kurdish people with our party and the political movement of Kurdistan, the personalities and parties within the Iranian opposition, who are our friends, did express their condolences and solidarity, and some positive changes in Iranian political community’s view towards the Kurdistan movement and our party is seen. Despite that, unfortunately the protest from the Iranian political community against this crime of Islamic Republic and the support and solidarity from the Iranian opposition with our party and the Kurdish people was far less than the level of the crimes of Islamic Republic on September 8th. Never the less, our party is still prepared to contribute to the dialog and understanding between the Kurdish political movement and the Iranian political community in order to through solidarity and common struggle end the dictatorship in Iran and a desirable alternative to replace this regime. But at the same time we would like to warn that if the level of understanding and solidarity of the Iranian political community stays at the current level, the split and the distance between the Kurdish nation and the Iranian political community continues to grow and as a result the Islamic Republic will gain from disunity amongst the Iranian opposition and the communities of the Iranian society.
  8. The regional and international reflection and implications of the missile attack on the headquarters of Kurdistan Democratic Party was rarely seen. While the ninth central committee plenum praises the party’s international relations’ efforts, in order to make sure that this crime gets the required response from the media and the political centers of the world, the relevant comrades were told to continue with their work and efforts. On the other hand, while the plenum of the central committee appreciates the reactions abroad, especially from the influential governments in the world to condemn this aggression, taking in account their power and influence in Iraq, especially the Iraqi air, the responsibility of the international community, especially the United States to take a concrete step against this assault of Islamic Republic and prevent the repetition of this kind of crimes.
  9. Regarding the security dimension of the missile attack on the Democrat fortress, the central committee of Kurdistan Democratic Party, while evaluating the way of working of the party leadership and party organizations from the security point of view, criticized the shortcomings and appointed a special delegation to scrutinize all sides of this issue in order to confront the Islamic Republic’s conspiracies.

In another part of the ninth plenum’s work, a plan for reviewing some organizational and organization chart issues which was prepared by the party leadership before the seventeen congress of Kurdistan Democratic Party, was shown to the meeting participants. After sufficient discussion about the content of that plan, the plenum appointed the politburo to make the necessary changes in order to reflect the remarks from the leadership to better reflect the needs for the party work during the current situation.

The last part of the ninth plenum of the central committee was to appoint a committee to prepare the seventeenth congress of Kurdistan Democratic Party. In this part the politburo chose a group and presented it to the central committee which was approved without any change.

This way and after several hours of intensive work, the ninth plenum of the central committee was successfully concluded and the participants of the plenum, with more perseverance and more determination than ever in continuing the path of our martyred comrades and colleagues and with confidence in success of the justified struggle of Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Kurdish people, returned to the place of their work.

Hail the martyrs of September 8th in Democrat fortress!

Success for the struggle of Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Kurdish people!

Shame and death to the Islamic Republic of Iran!

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)

Politburo September 20th