Statement regarding the latest IRGC threat against the Kurdish dissidents in Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Ladies and gentlemen!

On Monday, September 6th, 2021, Mohammad Pak Pour, the commander of the (IRGC) Iran’s ground force, threatened the Iranian Kurdish dissidents in Kurdistan Region in Iraq. We would like to caution and inform the human rights organizations and the international community that the recent terrorist activities of IRGC and the latest threat made by the terrorist IRGC against the Kurdish dissidents in the Kurdistan Region, might be a chain of terrorist actions against the Kurdish People and Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran.

Today, September 8th, we are commemorating the third anniversary of the ballistic missile attack on the Headquarters of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, during which 7 missiles were launched killing 16 people, six of whom were leadership members of our party, and wounding 50, including women and children.

Undoubtedly, the regime’s motivation to commit this blatant aggression and totally ignore the sovereignty of a neighbouring state, not to mention the violation of international laws regarding attacking civilian targets, was a response to the Iranian Kurdish people’s resistance and the Kurdish civil society’s peaceful struggle and aspirations for obtaining their legitimate rights and freedom In Iran.

Following the massacre on September 8th, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard corps (IRGC), took the responsibility for the attack with pride and arrogance. Unfortunately, the Islamic regime’s harsh behavior, both internationally and domestically has never stopped.

Even though, this terrorist act was strongly condemned by the people of Kurdistan and Iranian NGOs, but the international community’s reaction and condemnation was not as firm and wide as we expected. Nevertheless, in an ordinary Security Council meeting, it was condemned by Nicky Haley former US ambassador to the United Nations.

The regime’s terror plots against the Kurdish people and Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, are countless. The latest one, which you may know, was committed recently against one of our party’s leadership member, who was assassinated in Erbil (The capital of Iraqi Kurdistan Region).

We know that because of the Regime’s irresponsible behavior internationally and its incompetence in handling the Covid-19 pandemic, the Iranian people is going through a very difficult time right now. Hence, as always, the regime uses the only policy it has been using since its establishment which is to create a new crisis abroad to divert the international and domestic focus from its failed governance.

Considering the Iranian Islamic Regime’s track record, this is yet another proof that it will never abide by and respect the international laws and regulations, as it has never done it since its establishment. Therefore, we urge the international community to take a firm action to prevent yet another massacre by the Islamic regime!

Presently, through its nuclear program negotiations, the Iranian Islamic regime is holding the Iranian people and the international community as hostage. Iran’s Islamic Regime is trying to prolong the negotiations to conceal the internal economic and political crisis within the country.

Since the Iranian revolution, despite the Iranian Islamic Regime’s engagement in terrorism, committing atrocities, and oppression of the Kurdish people in Iran, Kurdistan Democratic Party has never used violence as a mean to achieve its political goals. Our party is a member of Socialist International, and believes in Human Rights, freedom of speech, democracy and respecting international laws, regulations, and values.

We would like to reiterate that the Kurdish issue in Iran should be perceived as an opportunity, not a threat, and we would like to emphasize that peace and stability in the Middle East is only possible when there is a democratic, decentralized, efficient, accountable, and responsible regime in Iran.

Khalid Azizi

Secretary General of Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iran