The Celebration of the 76th Establishment of The Anniversary of The Republic of Kurdistan

By: Ahmadjian modaresi, Mardin Mahmoudpour

Today we are all gathered here to celebrate a new chapter of Kurdish history which started on the 22nd of January 1946 in the city of Mahabad. This chapter started with a democratic vision for the future of the Kurdish people led by the respected leader named Qazi Mohammad who not only helped Kurdish people build a vision for the future but contained a country named Kurdistan.


He also created a flag that Kurdish people could carry with pride and a flag which they could identify themselves with and feel belonged to. Qazi Mohammad was the judge of Mahabad from the 1930s, he saw the suffering that his people had to go through just to be able to speak their mother language and the abuse they received from the Iranian government


. In September 1942 Qazi Mohammad was a supporter of the Kamala J.K which aimed at the goal of uniting Kurds between Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. One of the first-ever remarkable achievements of Kamala J.K was the start of secret Kurdish schools which gave Kurdish kids access to the professional learning of their mother tongue. Komala J.K set out rules for the schools such as a number of students in each classroom and the content being taught to the students. Later, in 1945 the Kamala J.K changed their official name to Kurdistan democratic, party (KDP) which took on the role to actively fight for the freedom of Kurdish people.


The news of KDP spread to the neighbouring parts of Kurdistan and the Barzani group lead by Mullah Mustafai Barzani came to join the KDP. Qazi Mohammad and Mullah Mustafa Barzani with the help of fellow members of KDP started the name of Peshmerga for the Kurdish forces which roots from the Kurdish saying, “my death before your death”. The peshmerga forces took the responsibility of protecting the Kurdish civilians and increase pressure on the Iranian government to create an independent statet


. on the 22nd of January 1946 the city of Mahabad was cleared of any Iranian forces and Qazi Mohammad raised the Kurdistan flag and announced independence for all Kurdish people under the name Republic of Kurdistan where he was chosen as the first president of the Republic of Kurdistan.


Some of the first movements by the republic of Kurdistan was: forming a great high school for girls and lots of other schools all around Kurdistan, he Prohibited illiteracy and he commanded that all have to learn reading and writing, forming Kurdish press and newspapers In Kurdistan, forming youth and women group so women could have the same value as men and would be able to have the same opportunity create jobs and opportunities for people, dividing agricultural lands between all farmers by an equal P, o

factories in Kurdistan and strive to be independent in all perspective


, forming peace treaty with republic of Azerbaijan and exchange goods, placed laws which mentioned all the religions and cultures in the country must be respected and all are equal.


Arfi Rosenfield has written under the name of republic of Kurdistan: in my previous visit to Mahabad, all I could see was an old normal village. But now I feel warm energy full of love and compassion , all the people are happy with this new republic and people haven’t gathered by force but by empathy and brotherhood.



Then the great leader of Kurdistan Qazi Mohammad sacrificed himself on 15th of December  1946 for the people of Kurdistan, his people.

in his will he wrote a lot for Kurdistan, but what he wanted mostly were progress, empathy and brotherhood between Kurdish people. When he sent the message of independence through mallah Mustafa Barzani.


Even in the last moments of his death, he did not accept humiliation and disrespect, and he did not lose hope for a more dynamic and brilliant Kurdistan, and he closed his eyes with a high head and a heart full of mortal light.

Even now after all of those years his name is one of the most respected names in Kurdistan and wherever anyone says his name light of respect, hope and honour shines in the heart of all the listeners.

And now after 76 Years we are gathered here to pay our respect to the Goal and the vision qazi Mohammad created in Kurdish peoples mind and show that promise lives in our hearts.