The Honorable Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. The president-elect of the United States of America

On the occasion of His Excellency being elected as the 46th president of the United States of America, on behalf of Kurdistan Democratic Party – Iran, I congratulate you and wish you success.
During the presidential campaign, his Excellency emphasized on the principles and values of democracy, human rights, eradicating discrimination and equality in the USA, which are deeply rooted in the American legal system and have been constitutionalized. In Iran, under the Islamic Republic’s reign, instead of rights, freedom and democracy; execution, torture, killing and intimidation rules. Religious and ethnic discrimination has been institutionalized, this discrimination and apartheid is especially exerted on the Iranian Kurds on an unprecedented scale.
In your speeches, you emphasized on strengthening US relations with its allies. You are well aware that Kurds in general are at the front line of the war against terrorism, and our party has lost its leaders in Islamic Republic’s state sponsored terror acts (Dr. Ghasemlou in Vienna in 1989, Dr. Sharafkandi in Berlin in 1992 and the missile attack on our party’s headquarter in 2018).
Honorable Mr. President-elect!
Dealing with Iran on Human Rights, the nuclear case and JCOPA will undoubtedly be one of the major issues of your agenda. The Kurdish people in Iran and our party are still suppressed by a variety of light and heavy weapons of the Islamic Republic and are the victims of this regime’s terrorism. We believe that as long as the theocratic system and Khamenei hold the power in Iran, they will use the nuclear case as a blackmailing tool and they will not refrain from terror and creating instability in the region; and the Iranian people will not get a batter future either.
Therefore, we hope that you won’t consider the Iranian issue solely a matter of an agreement like JCOPA, but support the democratic and human rights of the Iranians in general and the Iranian Kurds in particular.

Sincerely Yours

Khalid Azizi
Secretary General of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)
November 9, 2020