The international community must take a firm action to prevent yet another massacre by the Islamic regime of Iran

On Monday September 6th, 2021, Mohammad Pakpour, the commander of the IRGC ground force, threatened the Iranian Kurdish dissidents in Kurdistan Region in Iraq. In his statement, he asked the Iraqi Kurdish residents living near the Iranian Kurdish refugee camps to “stay away” from those areas.

This would not be the first time the terrorist IRGC violates the sovereignty of a neighbouring country and threatening the Iranian Kurdish dissidents and later slaughter innocent people. On September 8th, 2018, the IRGC targeted the KDP-Iran’s Headquarters in Koy Sanjaq, killing 16 people and wounding 50 others, among them women and children.

We know that the Iranian people are going through difficult times, because of the Regime’s irresponsible behaviour internationally and its incompetence in handling the pandemic. Hence the regime may want to create a crisis abroad to divert the international and domestic focus from its failed governance.

We urge the international community, especially the EU, USA, and the United Nations, to do their outmost to prevent another massacre by the Iranian Islamic Regime.



The link below is from the Iranian regime mouthpiece, Tehran Times, which confirms the terrorist IRGC’s threat.


Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)

Foreign Relation Abroad