By: Eliana Katherine Gómez Mejía

 On March 8, as is well known, International Women’s Day is commemorated as a recognition of the struggle for the rights of women, who have historically claimed equality in rights and opportunities in relation to men.

In this vein, and recalling history, in March 19th of 1911, was celebrated for the first time, a year after being proclaimed in Copenhagen by the Socialist International, as a tribute to the movement for the rights of the Women and to help achieve universal female suffrage.1

On that date, hundreds of women from countries such as Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland gathered in the streets of their cities to demand, in addition to the right to vote, the right to hold public office; the right to work, education, and no discrimination in the workplace.

Progress has been made in the recognition of Women’s Rights, thanks to the multilateral organizations and social movements of women who have been working to exert pressure on governments in different countries, to take affirmative measures to reduce the social gap in relation to men. Today, more than 100 years later, women from all over the world came together for a “Women’s Strike”.

The current mobilization did not differ much from the one that was led at that time, in which participation, education and equality were demanded, to which new components were added, namely; the rejection of gender violence, the fight against discrimination, sexual and reproductive rights; equal pay and the inequality of treatment; and human development that currently persists in some countries of the world.

If women strike, the world strikes.

We are more than half the world’s population and we are demanding what corresponds to us, neither more nor less; It is not exclusion of the man, it is inclusion of the woman, in equality of conditions, in politics we speak of parity, that is the way for there are fundamental social changes. According to data from the World Economic Forum, at the current pace, there are still approximately 169 years to reach economic equality; In the same line, according to UN figures, for every dollar a man earns, women earn 77 cents for work of equal value, which shows the persistent imbalance between women and men.

Those of us who promote and defend women’s rights must continue to generate awareness, and this day, March 8th, International Women’s Day, should be understood as an opportunity to reflect on the progress and demands of changes in the system and to celebrate, the acts of courage of women to whom we must thank for their tireless struggle today.

Colophon: The feminist movement has fallen into a degradation, to the point that those who do not sympathize with the feminine claim, have placed a Nazism in the end, comparing women with the Aryans who sought to exterminate a race. The claim of rights is about equity, from the application of the principle of universality, equality and parity.

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